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The law of polarity is one of 12 universal laws that states that everything has an opposite. Read the post to discover what that means for us, and how we can use this law with the law of attraction to manifest our dream lives.

Uplevel your manifesting mindset with the law of polarity

In this post, I’m going to talk you through a complex – yet understandable – universal law, complete with actionable advice to help you apply it to your life and begin to easily manifest the things you want!

What is the law of polarity?

The law of polarity states that everything has an opposite. Nothing is one-sided, and:

even if you separate something into two wholly opposite parts – each of those parts still contains the potentiality of the other.”

If everything has an opposite, that also means:

  • Everything in life is of a dual nature, because when it comes to opposites, you can’t have one without a potential for the other.
  • Two opposites, while being completely different, will always exist on the same plane of being.

Now for some examples in case I’ve confused the hell out of you.

Hot and cold are polar opposites.

They’re both descriptions of the same thing – temperature – but they are completely opposing ideas. This basically makes them two extremes of the same thing. Two polarities.

They still exist on the same plane of being. In other words, they come as a pair and without one, the other can’t exist.

For example, without experiencing hot, how would you know what it feels like to be cold? Without sadness, could you really know and appreciate the feeling of happiness?

There is always a potential for the opposite because neither one can stand alone. This means that both experiences come together to make one whole experience.

Does that make sense?

So, I bet you’re now wondering…

What does all this mean?

Here’s the main thing to understand about the law of polarity: it’s telling us that there is always a positive for every negative in our life. If we want to manifest more of the positive, we need to consciously seek it out, even in the midst of a negative circumstance.

The law of polarity gives us the confidence that the positive is always there, even if you can’t see it.

It’s there because it has to be there. Nothing in this universe is without its opposite.

To really use the law of polarity in your life requires focus. It’s very easy to let our emotions carry us away when bad things happen.

Using the law of polarity can allow you to find balance in your emotions and your life when you accept that there is always some kind of light in every dark situation. That balance is what then keeps emotional outbursts and extreme negativity at bay.

When I think back to situations in my life that made me really sad, I see that it took me a while to get over them because I was focused on only the negative part for so long.

As soon as I allowed myself to feel those negative emotions, while also acknowledging the positives of the situation, I was able to view the situation as a whole, and ultimately move on.

How the law of attraction works with the law of polarity

The law of attraction states that what you focus on the most will show up in your reality.

The law of polarity states that everything has an opposite that exists on the same plane.

So when we combine these two laws together, this is what we get.

When you set an intention to manifest something, you are focused on, and therefore attract, the whole situation. For example, if you focus on manifesting abundance, you’re also focused on manifesting lack (because they come as two opposites which makes the ‘whole’,) until you consciously make an effort to focus on attracting only on the side that you want.

So how do we do this?

Let’s say you’re trying to manifest health, but you want it so badly that you continuously think and say things like ‘I don’t want to be sick’, ‘I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired’ etc.

Your words, feelings and energies are focused on the opposite of health – sicknesseven though you’re trying to manifest health.

Even something like setting the intention to manifest a successful career, but then not taking action because you’re scared of failure, is keeping you tied to the negative polarity of failure vs success.

What you need to do is make sure that you’re focusing all your energy on what you want, despite the fact that the opposite is there.

Think of it like looking at a coin. Everything you want is on the heads side and the opposite of what you want is on the tails side, and will always be on the tails side.

But as long as you keep the coin heads-side-up at all times, so everything you want is all you see, that’s where your focus will always be.

Here’s how to make that become second nature.

How to use the law of polarity WITH the law of attraction

I know that focusing on what you want isn’t always easy when it seems like you’re constantly presented with the opposite.

So one thing you can do is make a mental note of the opposite of what you’re trying to manifest, so you can easily identify when your thoughts are drifting towards that, and away from what you do want.

So, if you wanted to manifest an abundance of money, remember that ‘lack of money’ is the opposite of that.

If you’re thinking thoughts like “I’ll be so happy when I see that money in my bank account!” it sounds like a positive statement, but it’s actually coming from a place of opposition to having money, because what it’s really telling the universe is you’re not happy now, and you won’t be until you get the money.

Make a habit of checking in with yourself. Ask yourself if the thoughts you’ve been thinking today are really directed towards what you want, or the opposite of what you want.

Identify your limiting beliefs

Sometimes, it’s the deep-rooted beliefs we have within us that stop us from seeing the positive sides of our negative situations.

These limiting beliefs create resistance which slows down the manifestation of what we want and keeps us tied to the negative polarity.

Try journaling or meditating on the issues in your life that you’d like to move past. Keep a pen and notepad handy afterwards and make a note of anything that comes up – those little beliefs will often reveal themselves clearly when our mind is quiet enough to hear them.

Then create new, positive affirmations that dispel those limiting beliefs and repeat them daily until they stick.

Shift your perspective with the law of polarity

Remember that the choice is yours. Sometimes, the positive won’t be easy to see, so you’ll have to be determined to find it.

But as you begin to understand and embrace the law of polarity, it will soon become second nature to look for the opposite in every circumstance that arises.

Happy manifesting!

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