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I manifested a MacBook Pro, and in this post, we're going to explore exactly how I did it. I'm also sharing the biggest takeaway from the experience and why the bigger manifestations sometimes take so long. These tips will help you to enjoy the whole manifestation process, even the waiting part!

The Universe will never forget what you’ve asked for

I bet that at least once on your law of attraction journey, you’ve come across some contradictory information about manifesting and how the universe works.

For example, some say you should ask for what you want to manifest and then let it go, forget about it and let the universe work it’s magic, while others say to write down what you want on a list, and re-read it every day while visualising that it’s yours.

Two very different approaches – so, which one is it? What is the correct way to manifest using the law of attraction?

I think that you should do what leaves you feeling more positive and hopeful about your desire.

For some people, visualising will leave them feeling impatient, frustrated and only serves as a reminder that they don’t yet have what they want.

For others – visualising their desire gets them feeling excited and brings them hope and happiness as they remember it will be their reality soon. 

So I guess it depends on the type of person you are – but it also depends on what you’re manifesting, and how attached you are to the idea of having it. Which brings me to the story of…

How I manifested a MacBook Pro

I decided I wanted to manifest a MacBook Pro about 8 months ago.

So, I did the usual –  shopped around for the exact one I wanted and wrote down all the specs it had. Got really clear about it in my mind.

I think I spent no more than a day or two thinking about it- imagining myself working on it and seeing it on my desk, which really did get me excited about having it – despite the fact that there was ZERO way of me getting a MacBook Pro at that time.

I can’t remember if I specified when I asked for it that I wanted it to be free, but I certainly wasn’t trying to pay for it.

So, unless Apple decided they’d like to gift an unknown blogger a MacBook Pro, just because – I couldn’t see how I was getting one.

But remember, it’s not my job to worry about the how – that’s down the universe – so I just knew it was happening somehow and got excited about my MacBookPro.

Until I wasn’t anymore.

I ended up forgetting all about the MacBook Pro, as a month or two later I was given a brand-new work laptop. It technically wasn’t mine and it also wasn’t a Mac, but it was 50x better than the laptop I had at the time, so I was happy and grateful for it.

I was so not bothered about having a Mac anymore. I mean, it would have been nice, but I was happy either way. I didn’t feel like I needed it.

Then after a few months of receiving my work laptop, I went back to using my old one. I just wasn’t feeling the work one anymore – it wasn’t mine so I didn’t enjoy doing my blog work on it, and it ended up having some of the same issues as my old laptop anyway.

I was quite happy to be using my old laptop again – it still did everything I needed it to do, just a lot slower! And I’d still totally forgotten about the MacBook Pro desire.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, my Dad reached out to me and asked me if I would like a MacBook Pro – his old one, that he had upgraded with extra memory and new software, so it ran like a whole new machine and much better than when he bought it. He said he was going to sell it, but would have rather gifted it to me if I wanted it.

I then remembered that I had wanted to manifest this months ago – so of course, I said yes!

So, now I have my MacBook Pro – and it’s better than I ever imagined it would be. 

I manifested this with no rituals, no techniques…just plain old detachment.

The universe works in some crazy-ass ways.

But if I let go of my desire, what will happen to it?

Sometimes, the thought of letting go can be off-putting because it makes you feel like the whole desire is forgotten about if you’re not actively putting energy into it.

But even if it’s months or years later – if you still think the same way about your desire and still want it after the time has passed –you’ll get it. And being detached from the outcome makes it even more likely because there’s no resistance to it and it can flow straight to you without any blocks.

Detachment can be hard to achieve if you really want something, but this situation showed me that it’s a really important part of the manifestation process, and the universe never forgets what you’ve asked for – even if you do.

Sometimes the manifestation won’t take as long as mine did. But I do like to think that those little gaps between when we ask for something and when it arrives are preparing us to receive what we’ve asked for.

It gives us time to become the kind of person who can handle having that desire. It gives us time to figure out if that desire is what we truly want and what is best for us.

Why the bigger manifestations take longer

As I’m writing this, I’m realising how my manifestation unfolded so perfectly. When I initially decided I wanted a MacBook Pro, it was on a whim. I mean a total whim – I’m still not even entirely sure what made me want one.

I was kind of anti-Mac laptops before all of this. So, the time the manifestation took gave me the chance to figure out whether I wanted a MacBook Pro or just a new laptop.

Once I discovered I was no longer getting joy from the new work laptop, I received the MacBook Pro.

So that little gap (or in my case, looong gap) can be such a good thing and if we could just learn to embrace it, we’d save so much frustration.

Manifesting a cup of coffee or a parking space can be done instantly because they don’t require any inner work, any change of your beliefs, values or actions to receive what you’ve asked for.

They don’t require you to get clear on anything – you want a parking space because you’re going somewhere, and you need to park there. Simple.

The bigger manifestations take a little longer because they affect our lives in a bigger way and therefore we need to consider if we really want them, if we’re ready for them and how life is going to be once we get them.

We need to consider why we want them, what we’ll do once we have them –there’s a lot more to the bigger manifestations and that’s why detachment is sometimes the best way to go.

Trust in Divine Timing

I understand that manifesting a MacBook Pro isn’t exactly a life-changing event, but it needed to take the time that it did so that I would truly want and appreciate it when it came to me.

And the experience taught me a lot about manifesting and the importance of detachment. It’s the key to allowing everything to unfold as it should, according to divine timing.

Happy manifesting!

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