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How to shift your perspective like a master manifestor. When it comes to the inevitable challenges we face in life, the law of relativity can help us to shift our perspective and transform situations so we no longer see them as ‘bad’. Read the post to find out more about this universal law!

How to shift your perspective like a master manifestor

Pretty much everyone has heard of the law of attraction, but did you know that there are 11 more laws?

Although the law of attraction is the most widely known, the other 11 universal laws are equally important, and understanding them all is the key to understanding how the universe works.

This post is about one of my favourite laws.

The law of relativity

The best way to understand this law is to break it down like this:

  • The law of relativity states that everything is all relative
  • Nothing has meaning – we are the ones that give things meaning, based on our own perceptions

So, nothing exists as good or bad. Things just are what they are, until we take our perception of what is good and bad, and apply it to those things.

Let’s use an example of eating chocolate.

You think eating chocolate is bad. But your friend, Bob, thinks eating chocolate is good.

In reality, the chocolate itself is neither bad nor good. But you were brought up being told that chocolate makes you fat and gives you spots, while Bob was brought up being told that chocolate has antioxidants and boosts your mood.

So, you apply your negative perception of chocolate to the chocolate, deeming it as bad, but Bob applies his positive perception of chocolate to the chocolate, seeing it as good.

Either way, it’s still chocolate, as it is and always will be. But it’s yours and Bob’s perception of the chocolate that makes it bad or good.

This law applies to everything

Nothing means anything, it’s our perceptions that give things meaning.

This means that the problems and struggles you face, may not even be problems and struggles to someone else in the world.

This means that the flaws you see in yourself could easily be beautiful to someone else. It’s all about perception.

How we can apply the law of relativity to our lives

I certainly don’t believe in celebrating the misfortune of others to make yourself feel better about your life. But it is important to remember that our reality is made up of everything that we see and apply our perception and meaning to.

Someone else could be looking at the exact same thing as you, but through a pair of different eyes – it’s a completely new reality.

Just two nights ago, I was watching a documentary about people that are living in slums in South Africa. There were women with new-born babies who had no idea if they would have access to clean, warm, water on a day-to-day basis.

There were families with young children living hand-to-mouth – meaning that the little money they made on a given day would be spent on whatever they were eating for dinner that night – and if no money was made, there was no dinner.

They lived without electricity. If they wanted hot water, warmth, or the ability to cook food – they had to chop up and burn logs of wood to get it.

The tears I cried watching this – they just would not stop falling from my eyes.

The people living in those slums would have appreciated the things I often took for granted.

In that part of South Africa, if you had a car, a job and a home, you were considered pretty well-off. To those people living in the slums, I am a rich person.

But here’s the thing – I would not normally call myself rich. There are millionaires and billionaires in the world – those are who I consider to be rich.

But when I take myself out of my own reality to imagine my life from someone else’s reality – like those living in a slum, I can see why I would be considered a rich person.

This is the law in action. But let’s get a little deeper.

The people living in those slums barely had roofs over their heads, but they did. They had no power, but they had the means to create warmth and light with fire. They lived hand-to-mouth and survived on meals like packaged instant pasta and powdered soup, but they ate.

There are people in this world living with even less than that. And those are people who would appreciate what the people living in the slums had. Whereas people like you and I have it pretty good compared to that. We have food, water and electricity at our fingertips.

We live like kings, compared to the people living in the slums. But then there are people out there, who are really living like kings, with a level of abundance that most people can’t even comprehend. So, taking all of that into consideration…

Who is really rich and who is really poor?

It’s all relative to the perception you’re looking at the scenarios from.

Now, I’m not saying that you should invalidate how you feel about a problem in your life because somebody in the world has it worse than you.

But when something is getting you down and you know you need to shift your perspective but you’re not sure how to, it helps to consider that there are other people dealing with the same battles, or worse, and making life work for them somehow.

It’s an inspiring thought that can instantly raise your vibration.

Affirmations to help you shift your perspective

Our problems and challenges bring growth

Sometimes it might seem like life is unfair and we’ve been dealt a shit hand of cards but the truth is – every single person has their own struggles and challenges. I believe the world is this way because each set of problems we are given helps us to grow and become the highest version of ourselves.

Instead of asking yourself why these bad things keep happening to you, look at the problem that’s been presented to you and ask yourself how it can make you a better person, how you can learn from it.

It’s also important to note, that this law reminds us that something that’s a problem for us could be a solution, rather than a problem for someone else. It’s all in the eyes that you look at it from.

So are problems really problems – or are they just part of our individual journeys that we have to take in this life?

Learning to look at your challenges like this can bring you both peace and solutions.

The law of relativity and social media

Social media gets the blame for a lot of things these days. I had a poll on my Instagram Stories a while back asking if people thought social media contributed to depression and insecurity and over 90% of people said yes.

I think it all comes down to the fact that we’re scrolling through people’s highlight reels day after day, and comparing our own lives to theirs.

But here’s why there’s no point in comparing our circumstances to someone else’s.

You might be scrolling through Kim Kardashian’s feed, looking at all her clothes and money and her big house, wishing you had that, but there is someone out there scrolling through your feed feeling the exact same about your life.

To us, a millionaire lives in a huge house. But to someone that lives in a bedsit or studio flat, my ‘small’ 2 bedroom flat with a garden is a palace! And to someone that has nowhere to call home, a cosy studio flat or bedsit is the dream.

Love and appreciate everything you have, because what you have is amazing. Even if it isn’t to you, it is to someone else, which means it’s something you can be grateful for.

Wrapping Up

Like the law of attraction and all the other laws of the universe, the law of relativity is just a matter of consciously using your mind and thoughts to change the situation that is presented to you.

It’s a case of using your mind to step out of your reality and to see the bigger picture.

It’s a case of accepting things as they are, and appreciating everything that you have in your life.

That’s what’s going to lead you to the things you truly want and bring you happiness.

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