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Working with the energy of the New Moon can supercharge your manifesting and help you to reach your goals. Read the post to find out how!

How To Manifest with the New Moon

We have a new moon coming up on Thursday 17th October 2020 so I’m thinking that this is the perfect time to start a Manifesting With The Moon blog series. In four posts I will take you through how to work with the moon phases to have a fully rounded, monthly manifesting routine that syncs you up perfectly with the moon’s cycle and the cosmic energy.

Doesn’t that sound great?! 😀 Let’s dive in.

Why manifest with the moon

When it comes to manifestation, the moon is the power you want to connect to. It’s like supercharging your desires.

The moon’s energy is super powerful and whether you realise it or not, it’s affecting us all the time.

I mean, the moon’s gravitational pull is responsible for the rise and fall of the tides of the ocean. As our bodies are made of so much water, it’s not hard to see how the moon can also affect us so profoundly.

In astrology, the moon rules emotions and it travels quickly through the signs of the zodiac. With each sign comes very different energy, which explains why our emotions and desires fluctuate so regularly.

But more about that later.

First, let’s get manifesting!

How to manifest with the New Moon

A New Moon marks the beginning of the moon’s cycle. At this point, the moon is dark and invisible to us here on Earth.

Kind of like the things we’re still yet to manifest. They’re there because we want them, but we can’t see them in our physical reality yet.

To bring them forth, use this phase of the moon to plant your seeds.

This is the time of the month where you put pen to paper and set your intentions. It’s not the time to take inspired action. Just visualise and get clear about what you want for now.

Make Wishes

Make wishes. I know that sounds a little…well, wishy-washy, but honestly, this little practice will fill you with hope and direct your thoughts and energy in the perfect direction.

But remember, how you word them is very important. I’d like to share a little tip I learned from an amazing book by one of my favourite astrology writers, Jan Spiller, called New Moon Astrology:

Write 10 wishes and start them all with “I wish to easily find myself…”

The word ‘easily’ ensures that what you want comes about in an easy way.

Why is this important?

Let’s say you just wrote “I wish to lose 10lbs”.

Weight loss can come in a variety of ways and not all of them positive – .e.g. stress – so be clear on how you want your wishes to be granted. Easily.

She also recommends the use of the words “find myself” because it implies that the situation comes about in a magical, effortless way – like a situation that just falls into place – taking yourself and anything you do out of the equation. Clarity is key for manifestation!

Side note – If you’re really serious about new moon manifestation, I highly recommend you grab yourself a copy of that book.

She goes into more detail than I ever could in this blog post, such as:

  • manifestation power periods – when the energy is extra EXTRA potent for you personally
  • how to maximise results – Rituals you can do, exactly how to word your wishes, releasing past karma etc
  • the best kind of wishes to make depending on what sign the moon is in -because the sign the moon is in flavours the energy of the moon with the qualities of that sign

and so much more.

When to do your New Moon Routine

If you can catch the moon at the time it enters the phase, perfect.

If you can’t, the energy will still be at its most potent for up to 8 hours after.

After that, you have about 3 days before the energy starts to fade and we prepare for the moon to enter its next phase.

Pro tip: Track the moon!

Ready to manifest?

To sum up, the following activities will be your friend:

  • Setting intentions
  • Writing down your goals and wishes
  • Meditating
  • Resting
  • Visualising

And the energy you want to get yourself into is:

  • Hopeful
  • Excited
  • Optimistic

My Personal New Moon Manifesting Routine

On the day of the New Moon, I will do some cleaning, decluttering and smudging to welcome in some fresh energy. I’ll do a yoga practice, meditate, and if I’m in the mood, I’ll have a salt bath (just water and Epsom or Himalayan pink salt).

I believe that salt baths can draw out negative energy so that is how I mentally release any negativity left behind from the last moon cycle. After all of that, I will set my intentions and write out my wishes.

If nothing else, this routine always leaves me feeling inspired and hopeful.

New Moon Mantras to help you manifest

  • I am open to new beginnings and possibilities
  • I am excited for what’s to come in my life
  • I have the power to manifest
  • My desires flow easily to me
  • I welcome miracles into my life
  • I am blessed

Thank you for reading and I will be back with a post on the next moon phase in a couple of days!

Happy Manifesting!

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