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Things to remember when dealing with negative people

You and I both know it ain’t always easy trying to keep a positive mindset in this world.

And let’s be honest – our mindsets are only a small part of the challenge. Throw other people and their energies and auras into the mix and it’s a full-on battle to not lose your mind!

Seriously though, other people play a huge part in our spiritual journeys, and unfortunately, some of those people may not always be nice to us.

We can’t control someone else’s actions towards us – everyone has free will, and if they choose to be an asshole– well, that’s on them. But what we can control is our reaction to other people’s actions.

Here’s why it’s so important to have control over that.

Other people’s actions will almost always encourage an emotional reaction from us. When that’s a positive emotional reaction – amazing. But when it’s negative, that’s not so good – other human beings can really get under our skin. And emotions are the driving force behind our thoughts and what we attract into our lives.

The key to manifesting better experiences into our existence is making sure that we feel good most of the time. When we feel good, we think better thoughts and attract better things.

If there’s someone in your life that often makes you feel bad about yourself or your life, whether that’s from criticizing, nit-picking, bullying or any other ass-holey type behaviour, that person has the potential to do a lot of emotional damage and seriously mess up your manifesting power.

It’s not always easy to cut people like this off either – it could be your boss or a family member that you live with.

Whoever the person is – it’s important to remember these key points I’m about to share when you’re dealing with them.

They will help you to shift your perspective and limit the damage these energy vampires can do. I wish I’d realised some of these years ago – I could have saved myself some serious heartache in the past!

Someone confident in themselves wouldn’t criticize you or make you feel insecure

Someone who is truly confident and happy with who they are would not need to bring you down or point out your insecurities – because normally, when people do that, it’s to make themselves feel better about an aspect of their own lives or personality that they don’t like.

It’s almost like getting comfort from bringing someone down to where they are so they aren’t alone. Before you even let someone’s negative comment about you make you question yourself – consider the source and why they’ve felt the need to put you down.

Someone loving their life wouldn’t try and make yours a misery

Try to take a moment and think about a time when you were in an amazing mood and around other people. Were you going around nit-picking at others and putting them down? Of course not – more than likely you were doing the opposite – complimenting people, laughing and joking – spreading that joy you were feeling.

Because that’s what happy people do.

When you’re truly happy with your life, you feel no need to make others unhappy in their own.

Someone feeling secure and content in their circumstances wouldn’t lash out at you

If someone is constantly lashing out at you, snapping at you or making you feel bad about something, sometimes it says more about that person and what they’re going through than it does about you. It’s important to remember this because if the same person lashes out at us often enough, it’s easy for us to start questioning ourselves and wondering what we’re doing to make this person so angry at us all the time.

Usually – it’s nothing. Maybe that person’s personal circumstances are causing them to feel envious of yours – or maybe they just need an emotional punchbag and you happen to be the easiest option for them. The key point here is it’s them – not you.

Someone with self-respect wouldn’t treat you disrespectfully

When someone treats us with disrespect, it can be easy to blame and question ourselves for that. But someone who truly has respect for themselves knows the importance of respecting other people – no matter what their personal opinions of someone else may be.

Part of having self-respect is forgiving ourselves for the mistakes that we have made, accepting and loving ourselves without judgement – and if someone cannot do that for themselves – you can be damn sure they can’t do it for you either.

Someone truly happy with where they are in their own life wouldn’t look or talk down to you

When you’re happy with where you are or where you’re headed in life – you don’t feel the need to make comments and digs at other people to make yourself feel better.

You don’t take pleasure in seeing people not doing as well as you.

In fact – none of that matters at all, because you’re so focused on your journey and your growth.

Quick example – let’s say you have a boss that treats you badly. You could so easily think it’s about you or the work that you do. But it could be that the boss is envious of the freedom or the passion you have for your job – something they once had in your position and lost as they moved higher up in the company.

This is why you can’t let anyone kill your good vibes. You never know where their negativity is coming from.

The point is – happy people don’t hurt people.

How someone treats you is a reflection of how they feel about themselves. Feel sorry for people that try to hate on you and bring you down. It’s a clear reflection of their unhappiness – and it’s nothing to do with you.

Your vibe attracts your tribe

Where it’s possible to distance yourself from someone like this in your life – DO IT.

I’m sorry but GOODBYE.

The only people in your life should be supportive, honest and trustworthy with your best interests at heart. Anyone who drains you, makes you feel bad about yourself or puts you down is not on your vibrational level and needs to go.

We give ourselves enough of a hard time as it is – we don’t need that from anyone else thanks!

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