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Welcome to Taurus season and a slower pace of life that many of us will gladly welcome. Here is how you can use the energy of sun in Taurus to manifest!

Taurus Season: The Month To Get Focused

So, the sun has officially waved goodbye to fiery and inspired Aries and set up camp in Taurus. That means it’s time to take all those ideas that were buzzing around inside us from last month and pick one to focus on. It’s also time to get some much-needed rest! Aries energy can often feel chaotic, both internally and externally, so Taurus season energy will feel like a breath of fresh air for us all.

Slow down and chill, the sun demands it!

Taurus Season

  • Dates: April 19 – May 20
  • Keywords: Building, focus, rest, steadiness, grounded, slow, providing
  • Birthstone: Emerald
  • Element: Earth
  • Power Colour: Blue
  • Chakra: Throat

About Taurus

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, represented by the Bull. It governs the second house in astrology charts. The sun’s move from Aries into Taurus shifts the energy from cardinal to fixed.

Cardinal is inspired, doing, starting things up and getting things on the move!

Fixed is stable, persistent and focused.

How to use Taurus energy

It’s time to embrace a slower pace of life. Feel the scattered, overstimulated thoughts disperse as you welcome in a calmer, more focused energy.

It’s time to get practical – think of a goal you have that you can really make some decent progress on now – and get started! What’s realistic? It’s not that Taurus can’t dream big like everyone else – it’s that Taurus energy is about getting things done.



So, now is the perfect time to take those first steps of inspired action toward achieving what you want. The energy will support you and keep you on your feet, standing steady and stable!

Also – Taurus energy likes routines. Make a workout plan for the month or get back to writing those daily gratitude lists. This is the time to start as you mean to go on.

But it’s not all about work this month – Taurus likes to play too!

Taurus energy is sensual. It’s about pleasure and enjoyment. So do things that make you feel really good. Focus on raising your vibration and keeping it high.

This is the month to pamper yourself.

This is the month to unapologetically, shamelessly and whole-heartedly indulge in pleasure-seeking activities – whatever that means to you!

Laze around. Take naps. Have long, luxurious soaks in the bath.

Dig out your silkiest dressing gown or your cosiest pyjamas, and chill.

Just say it

The sign of Taurus is linked to the throat chakra.

When open and aligned, this is the chakra that allows you to speak your truth, communicate your ideas clearly and get realistic about your vision. If you need to make some sort of pitch this month, or communicate your feelings with anyone, you have the support of the sun in Taurus.

Whatever you choose to say, you’ll be able to say it with elegance. So speak up!

Things to watch out for

This fixed, Taurus season energy is powerful, especially when it comes to standing up for what you think is right.

Stay strong and firm, but be open to other perspectives and ideas.

Taurus energy can be very, very stubborn.

Remember that going with the flow will get you very far this month, so don’t be afraid to allow for a little movement!

Ritual for Taurus season

Taurus appreciates the finer things in life, and this month you will be drawn more often to the things that bring you pleasure.

Gratitude adds speed to your manifestations, so what better way to welcome in this new energy with a gratitude ritual?

Get comfortable. We’re now in earth energy, so if you have a garden, it would be nice to do this outside, sitting or lying on the grass. If you can’t get outside, do this near a plant or some crystals.

Take ten deep, cleansing breaths with your chin slightly lifted. As you do this, feel each inhale travel down to your throat area. Visualise the breath touching and awakening a glowing ball of bright blue energy when it gets there. This is where the fifth chakra is.

Think of everyone you love.

Think of the roof over your head.

Think of the food in your fridge.

Think of your car in the driveway.

Or the money in your bank account, the phone in your hand, the electricity powering your home.

Think of the clothes and shoes in your wardrobe.

Think of everything you are grateful for and each time someone or something pops into your head, say a thank you out loud or in silence.

Sit in pure gratitude and feel the appreciation flowing through you.

When you’re done, say the mantra:


Enjoy the calm of this month because Gemini season is next, and things will be picking up considerably!

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