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As the sun moves into Gemini, we'll find ourselves becoming less focused, more scattered and extra curious! Here's how to use the energy of Gemini season to manifest!

Gemini Season: The Month To Organise Your Thoughts

As the sun moves into witty and curious air territory, we’re being jolted out of the chill, grounded energy of Taurus, into something a little more… spicy. Hold on tight – Gemini season is here!

Our mental energy is about to go through the roof. And with the world in lockdown – that might feel like restlessness, nervousness and uncertainty.

But one thing is for sure: the sun’s move into mutable energy (fluid, changeable, flexible – Gemini) from fixed energy (rigid, stubborn – Taurus) indicates that change is on the horizon for us all. Let that inspire you. Roll with the energy. Ask yourself: where is there room for change in your life?

Gemini Season

Dates: May 21 – June 20

Keywords: Thinking, Ideas, Communication, Connection, Social, Change, Adapting, Nervousness

Birthstone: Agate

Element: Air

Power Colour: Yellow

Chakra: Throat

About Gemini

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, represented by the twins. It’s a mutable air sign, and very different from the Taurus energy it follows. Ruled by Mercury, this sign is all about the mind. While Taurus energy asks us to focus and ground, Gemini energy is totally different – it’s more scattered and curious.

Aries energy just wants to dive in and get started.

Taurus energy wants to concentrate and proceed with caution.

And Gemini? Well, Gemini wants to ask questions and dig a little deeper. Gemini wants to get other opinions on the matter. And Gemini might even decide to start all over again with something completely different!

So honestly, the best thing you can do with this energy is go with the flow. You never know what you’re going to get!

How to use Gemini energy

Last month’s energy gave us the power to zero in on one big goal and give it all of our focus. You might find that near impossible during Gemini season.

Instead, you might feel like there are a million and one things you want to devote your attention to.

Ideas will be whizzing around in your head and it’ll be harder to quieten down your mind.

But this isn’t a bad thing – as long as you find a way to channel all this mental energy.


Satisfy that curiosity.

Nourish the mind with books, podcasts, blogs and videos.

Communication is key

Communication will be a big theme for you this month.

So, dive in – get intellectual, debate, process!

Rather than closing yourself off and going ghost, now is the time to bounce ideas off of others. A simple conversation could spark an unexpected lightbulb moment, leaving you with even more to add to your list of dreams and goals.

This is the time to seek out like-minded people that can help you move forward with your plans. This is the time to join forces, like the twins that represent this energy.

Fill your diary with FaceTime dates and check in on all of your loved ones.

From mindless chit-chat to deep and meaningful conversations, you’ll need lots of socialising to release some of that mental energy this month.

Speak your mind

Like Taurus, the sign of Gemini is also linked to the throat chakra.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication.

The throat chakra is the energy centre in our body that helps us to speak our truths and communicate clearly when aligned.

If there’s something on your mind, Gemini season is the time to let it all out. It may not be tactful, and it may not be pretty…but it will be necessary.

Things to watch out for

I mentioned earlier that restlessness and nervousness might be a theme. Given the times we’re currently living in, I’m sure that comes as no surprise!

It’s important to work on having patience this month – with yourself and with those around you. You might find that everyone, yourself included, has trouble sticking to decisions.

Things will change frequently, and unexpectedly – and that especially includes minds!

Even the planets are doing it. In May 2020, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus will all change direction and go retrograde. Cosmic coincidence?

If you find yourself feeling restless, sit in meditation and ask yourself what you really need in that moment. Then find a way to give it to yourself!

Journaling Prompts for Gemini season

Gemini Season Journal Challenge: Set yourself up for greatness every morning and journal for 31 consecutive days!

If there has ever been a time to whip out your journal, it’s now.

With the huge increase in mental energy, it’s crucial to take a quiet moment each day to sort through all the thoughts and feelings. This will help us to stay connected to our higher selves and the messages that the universe is communicating to us.

A clear, peaceful mind will keep you grounded through the changes that Gemini season might bring.

So instead of a meditation ritual for this month, I am going to provide 31 journaling prompts you can use each day of Gemini season. Download the printable here!

Really get deep with these. Open up to yourself and don’t be afraid to explore. This will take you on a journey of self-discovery.

I challenge you to show up for yourself every morning of Gemini season. Devote at least 20 minutes of your time to this practice in the morning and write out what comes to you as you think about the prompt for each day.

This morning ritual will set you up for greatness each day of this season as you will give all the thoughts you’re experiencing some direction – and healthy habits and routines are important now more than ever!

Get your journaling prompts here, and enjoy Gemini season!

Happy manifesting!

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