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Manifesting isn’t difficult, but we can complicate the process by putting so much pressure on ourselves all the time. Try these useful tips to shift your mindset and get your manifesting mojo back when you're feeling burned out, tired and uninspired.

How to make manifesting easier when it seems like it’s getting difficult

Things were finally looking up.

You were mediating daily, getting your workouts in, feeling inspired and connected to the universe.

And you swear you were starting to see results.

You were on a manifesting high.

Then BOOM.

It’s Thursday evening, and for some reason, you don’t really feel like writing in your journal – so you don’t.

You don’t feel like mediating either – so you don’t.

You just wanna watch TV, eat a pizza and not think about being positive or anything universe-related because, well…you can’t be bothered.

The next day is the same, and then you start to beat yourself up. You feel like all the inspiration has been sucked out of you. The manifesting high has fizzled away and now you’re not sure what to do.

Or maybe none of that happened – maybe you’ve been doing everything in your power to feel better, do better and therefore attract better but nothing seems to be working.

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Either way, if you’ve ever hit a manifesting plateau or lost inspiration, this post is for you and I’m going to give you my most useful tips on how to handle this.

After all – I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt and wore it so many times it’s got holes in it.

So I feel quite qualified to help you out with this situation!

Now let’s get into it. The first thing you need to do is:

Forgive yourself

Our energy levels are constantly fluctuating. So are our moods.

There are so many external factors that contribute to this – our families and relationships, our jobs, our financial situations – the stories of our lives are constantly twisting and turning and that means that we can’t stay in the same emotional state day in and day out.

And then we have our own internal processing to deal with on top of all of that.

We’re trying to become the best versions of ourselves so we can live our best lives.

We’re constantly working on our mindsets.

It’s work. It involves self-discipline. And sometimes that can get tiring.

But guess what? It’s okay to get tired.

It’s okay to need a break from it all.

And that’s the first thing we need to accept to make our manifesting and self-improvement journies easier.

Like anything else we do constantly in life, we will feel like we need a break from time to time and we deserve to take that break.

Rest and relaxation is actually a huge part of manifestation because if you’re stressed, irritable and burnt-out, you’re not going to be vibing high enough to manifest the things you want.

So never feel bad for feeling like you need a minute to just chill. It’s a necessity.

Flowing not forcing

We’re putting the work in, so of course, that means we want to see some results.

And in this day and age, we’re so used to instant gratification – we want everything now, at the touch of a button.

That need to see instant results can cause us to try and force them if we don’t feel like they’re coming quick enough, or we don’t feel like we’re doing enough.

But when you force – you create resistance.

If you’re meditating because you feel like you have to, journaling because you feel like you have to, making gratitude lists because you feel you have to – eventually you’re going to burn out.

You’re going to start to dread that activity, resent it even, until one day when your brain is just gonna say NOPE. Not doing it.

Even if you once enjoyed that activity, if you feel like you have to do it then that is going to set off feelings of resistance inside you because nobody likes to be forced to do anything.

Know that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do to see manifesting results.

All you have to do…is what works for you.

You don’t have to follow any rules. There are no rules. This is your life, your reality and you need to do what feels good for you.

If you have to do it – chances are, eventually, it’s less likely to get done.

If you want to do it – you’ll never have to force it.

Listen to your body and follow your intuition

A lot of people have routines and rituals when it comes to their manifesting which is amazing because that allows you to build positive habits and see consistent results.

The problem is, when we don’t stick to those routines because we’re craving some time out, we can end up feeling bad and beating ourselves up over it.

Exerting self-discipline to stick to your routines is great – but when it stops feeling good and you’re no longer enjoying what you do – you need to listen to your body and not try to force it.

Sometimes, if you’re feeling uninspired, there may be a reason why you might need that time off from your routine and that could be your intuition trying to let you know.

I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to get a new post up last Saturday as I really wanted to stick to my blogging schedule. So I spent the whole of last week working on a different post but something just wasn’t clicking for me.

I really wasn’t feeling it.

It wasn’t a bad post and I probably will end up rewriting it and posting it in the future because there were some really useful tips in it – but I just wasn’t feeling the excitement and fire I normally feel when I write and I kinda felt like that was showing in the post.

I forced myself to work on the post over the week despite feeling that way, and by Saturday it was complete. I still didn’t feel any better about it, and I never post anything I don’t feel 100% about – so I left it alone.

I felt bad about not posting for the whole day, but I really didn’t want to give you a half-hearted post or sit at my computer staring at a blank Word document with an equally blank brain and feeling even worse, so I shut my laptop down and went to go see some friends.

The next day, I still wasn’t feeling it and had no better ideas, so I binged out on Netflix.

Yup…I did.

I stopped beating myself up. I stopped feeling guilty and I allowed myself to let go. I had 100% faith that my inspiration would come back if I allowed it to flow naturally when it was ready.

And then Monday came along…and I woke up feeling relaxed and happy.

I did a workout, put on a podcast as I got ready for work, which got me thinking about my weekend. And then BOOM. The idea for this post came to me out of nowhere.

And now here I am. I got home 2 hours ago and I haven’t even changed out of my work clothes or had dinner yet because I am typing this to you feeling SO INSPIRED. TWO more ideas came to me later on in the day so I may not be moving for a while – and I’m not complaining about that!

So sometimes when you’re really not feeling it – maybe that’s your body telling you to chill and slow down so you can be ready to receive the inspiration and motivation the universe is trying to send you.

Don’t blame yourself for needing some downtime – love and congratulate yourself for being so in tune that you recognise when it’s time to slow down and be excited for the burst of inspiration that is surely going to follow once you’ve taken your break.

Inspire yourself during downtime

Alongside a good Netflix binge, I also like to read and listen to podcasts when I’m feeling a little bit meh.

Whether it’s a good fantasy series or your role model’s autobiography, find something you can get lost in for a few hours and just allow yourself to let go and enjoy it.

Inspiration can find you in funny ways – even if what you’re reading or watching isn’t related to manifestation or self-improvement, that refreshed feeling you’ll have after taking a break from it all can be the perfect time for motivation to strike.

It’s lucky that my favourite genre happens to be self-improvement anyway, so more often than not these moments of downtime are a massive source of inspiration for me.

Make manifesting easier for yourself

Manifesting isn’t difficult, but we can make it difficult by putting so much damn pressure on ourselves all the time.

Let’s start being kinder to ourselves.

Forgiving ourselves.

Moving with the flow and not pushing against it.

Let’s stop creating resistance and start manifesting the things we want. It’s easy. We’re built with everything we need to live an amazing life right inside of us – so we don’t need to be anyone but ourselves to do it.

Happy manifesting!

Can you relate? Do you ever feel like you can’t be bothered and it’s all getting too much? Will you be trying the tips? Let me know! And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for inspirational tips, tricks and stories to help you live your incredible life.

Manifesting isn’t difficult, but we can complicate the process by putting so much pressure on ourselves all the time. Try these useful tips to shift your mindset and get your manifesting mojo back when you're feeling burned out, tired and uninspired.

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