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Ever wondered why it's so much easier to manifest a piece of cake than it is to manifest a new job? Do you ever get frustrated at how difficult it can be to manifest the things you REALLY want in your life? If you feel like you're losing faith in the universe and the law of attraction - this post is for you.

When you’re losing faith in the universe, do this

Have you ever tried to manifest something, just for fun?

When I first started using the law of attraction, I would test it all the time. I’d manifest little things like hot chocolate, free food and parking spaces with no issues. It was so easy. But when it came to manifesting things like money, my perfect partner, my perfect job…those things seemed damn near impossible.

Why does it seem like it’s so much harder to manifest the things we really want??

And when the thing we really want is not coming to us no matter how hard we try; how do we keep our faith in the universe?

I’m here to answer both those questions today. Let’s get into it.

Do you really believe?

Because belief and faith go hand in hand.

One of the biggest keys to making the law of attraction work is your beliefs.

Your beliefs form your thoughts and your feelings, which contribute to the vibrations you emit and the things that you attract into your life as a result.

Unfortunately, the things we really want to manifest in life often come with limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are things like:

  • I’ll never be able to afford that
  • I don’t deserve that/I’m not worthy of it
  • I don’t have time
  • I’m too old/It’s too late
  • I don’t have the resources I need to do that

Basically, any belief that holds you back from getting what you want.

Think about what you’re trying to manifest – then grab a notepad and pen and jot down the feelings and thoughts that immediately come up as you think about your desire. Your limiting beliefs will be in there somewhere.

Once you’ve identified them, the next step is to figure out where they’ve come from. Was it something you were repeatedly told in childhood? Is it the result of an experience you’ve repeatedly been through?

Jot it all down.


Limiting belief – I’ll never be able to afford that

Cause – Constantly being told that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ as a child

Then cross it out and come up with a counter-belief or realistic affirmation that you can replace it with instead.

What are you really trying to manifest?

The universe knows exactly what we want.

Sometimes it’s us who needs to figure it out. What are you really asking for?

Here’s an example.

If the universe had eyes, I’m sure they would roll every time it heard ‘I want to win the lottery.’

Winning the lottery comes with its drawbacks. Here are a few I’ve heard:

  • If you decide to go public – everyone knows who you are and how much you have, putting your safety at risk
  • Everyone suddenly feels they’re entitled to a piece of what you’ve won – that includes people who haven’t spoken to you in years
  • Because of this, your relationships can become strained
  • If you decide to stay anonymous – you get no support or advice
  • Because of this, you could fritter your winnings away and end up worse off than before you won
  • You suddenly come into all this money and you now have everything that you thought would make your life complete, yet you still feel empty and unsatisfied
  • Now that you have all this money, you feel like you have nothing left to strive for

As amazing as it must be to win the lottery, people only see money and forget about the potential problems that come with it.

But the universe sees everything and knows what’s best for us. If winning the lottery will end up bringing us problems like the above, then that desire will not be granted to us. That’s why I believe that so many people have this desire and never see it fulfilled.

So, what’s the solution?

When someone wants to manifest a winning lottery ticket, what that person really wants is an abundance of money to come to them quickly and easily with no need to work for it.

So that’s exactly how it should be asked for.

Winning the lottery is just one way of getting that result and by asking the universe for that, you’re closing yourself off from so many other options of getting an abundance of money.

Be specific with the universe. Ask for exactly what you want, without asking for how you want it. Leave the how to the universe.

Read success stories

Nothing makes me happier or raises my vibration faster than reading law of attraction success stories. They remind me that it is possible to get the things that you want, and it’s happening to people all over the world every day. They motivate me and inspire me to put my all into manifesting the life I want because I see that it is possible.

When you’re feeling like you’ve hit a brick wall with your manifesting, this is one of the best ways to raise your vibration.

How can you not believe when so many people are sharing their incredible stories?

Here are some good ones to get you started.

We are constantly being tested

I believe that those moments where nothing seems to be happening are a test of your faith and patience.

Are you going to give up, get angry with the universe and lose all your faith or are you going to stay patient, knowing that what you’ve asked for will come to you at the perfect time?

If you can manage to do the latter, you’ll bring your desire to you so much faster.

However, if you’re like me, patience does not come naturally when you really, really want something.

I like to feel like I’m doing something to speed things up, just a teeny bit.

And I’ve learned that there is something that you can do, that doesn’t create any resistance, speeds things up and makes you feel better about having to wait:

You can work on strengthening your connection with the universe.

Meditate, pray, do all you can to keep your vibration high. Don’t take any further action to force the situation or make things happen – that tells the universe that you don’t trust the desire is on its way.

Release your grip

There are many, many things that I thought I wanted a few years back. The first vision board I ever made was filled with things I’d never want now.

Sometimes we get tunnel vision, and we’re so focused on pushing and forcing to get one thing that we don’t even realise we could be missing out on something even better.

The universe will block us from the things that aren’t meant for us. If there’s nothing to gain, learn or enjoy – it’s not for us. If something really isn’t happening, sometimes it helps to just release your grip on the situation and consider that it just might not be… meant to be.

There will always be a reason why, and that reason will become clear in time.

So be open to other options. Be open to everything.

Distract yourself

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. – Charles R Swindoll

I love that quote so much.

Getting frustrated that you haven’t received what you want is just going to push it further and further away. Frustration tells the universe that you don’t trust it to bring you what you’ve asked for, which creates resistance.

If you feel yourself going to that place of resistance, direct your energy elsewhere. Set a goal for yourself and put all your energy into achieving that.

Ever noticed that when you’re waiting to receive a text from someone you like, feeling anxious and staring at your phone, it never comes? But when you distract yourself and look at your phone a few hours later, the message is there.

Or when you’re waiting for water to boil and it seems like an eternity? But when you leave it to do its thing and keep yourself distracted it’s boiled before you know it?

Manifesting works the same way.

When you’re actively waiting, and focused on waiting, that’s what you manifest. More waiting. Which makes everything take so much longer.

When you leave it alone by distracting yourself, what you’ve asked for can manifest just as it’s supposed to, without the influence of our thoughts and impatience creating resistance.

Release all attachment

So, here it is: the reason why it’s so much easier to manifest a slice of chocolate cake than it is to manifest a million pounds.

It’s because there’s no attachment to the cake.

A million pounds could set you and your family up for a long time. It could buy you the house you’ve always dreamed of living in, the car you never thought you’d drive, it could pay for your kids to get an amazing education, it could pay off all your debts and allow you to live a stress-free life…

But a piece of cake is just a piece of cake. You could get one any time you want. Yeah, it tastes good – but once you’ve eaten it, it’s gone, until you fancy another one.

See the difference? When you think about having a million pounds, it stirs up emotion as you think about all the life-changing things you could do with it. That creates attachment.

A piece of cake? Not so much.

So what can we do?

Have fun.

When you’re playing with the universe, being light-hearted, testing out the law of attraction and having fun with it, you’ll notice you see much faster results than when you’re manifesting as if your life depends on it.

Everyone takes it so seriously these days – it’s easy to forget that using the law of attraction is actually FUN.

Enjoy the signs and synchronicity. Experiment. Play games – tell the universe you want to see a lime green car or person on stilts – something you don’t see every day – and watch for the response you get.

You’ll love it, and it will bring back all your faith in the universe.

When you’re coming from a place of happiness and light-heartedness, there is so much less resistance.

Keep the faith

When everything’s going wrong and the universe doesn’t seem to be helping you out, it’s the most frustrating feeling in the world. But know that it’s always working, it always has your back and it’s always responding to the thoughts and feelings you are putting out.

Instead of losing faith, know that what’s happening to you is happening for a reason, for your greater good. Sit tight, be patient and remind yourself that everything happens when it’s supposed to.

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