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Leo season brings us a light-hearted, fun energy that focuses on relaxation and self-love. Find out how to embrace it in this post!

Leo Season: The Month To Take A Break From It All

Andddd breathe. It’s finally Leo season! That means we can say goodbye to the highly emotional energy that Cancer season brought us – at least until mid-October when the Sun enters Scorpio!

We’re not completely out of the woods, though…would it really be Leo season without a little drama?!

Either way, you’ll probably be relieved to hear that this is a lighter, brighter energy that will bring us a much-needed break from all the heavy stuff. Yay!

Leo Season

  • Dates: July 22 – August 22
  • Keywords: Fun, Playful, Energy, Children, Pride, Rest, Drama
  • Birthstone: Peridot
  • Element: Fire
  • Power Colour: Orange
  • Chakra: Crown

About Leo

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, represented by the Lion. The Sun rules Leo, so he’s essentially ‘at home’ here – meaning this is a place where he’s comfortable and able to express his energy to its full potential – making Leo-ruled things much more likely to run smoothly as a result.

That’s why we should most definitely be focusing on all things Leo over the next couple of weeks.

So, what falls under Leo territory?

In astrology, Leo rules the fifth house of our charts, which represents children, play, creativity, fun and entertaining, dating and romance, celebrations and hobbies. It’s the house of pleasure. It’s very light-hearted energy for the most part, and when the sun is here, it asks us to embrace this.

How to use Leo energy

Cancer season was all about opening up, getting vulnerable and releasing emotions. It was an intense time for us all, but Leo season brings us a well-deserved break. Not just from that, but from everything, maybe even goals and manifesting.

This Leo energy gives you full permission to just stop pushing.

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This is the time to sit back, let go and let things unfold as they’re supposed to.

It makes perfect sense that Leo season falls during the summer holidays because this is the time to put your feet up and forget about anything that takes work – this energy is all about play!

What do lions do? They laze about in the sun all day, and that’s what you have full permission to do right now too. Prioritise rest, relaxation and fun while you can – Virgo season will be bursting that bubble in just a couple of weeks!

Focus on self-love during Leo season

We all have Leo somewhere in our chart, and that is the area of our lives where we shine brightly. Leo season asks us to tap into that part of our charts and access that radiant, inner confidence that Leos are known for. This is the time to believe in ourselves and our abilities and to work towards loving ourselves wholeheartedly.

This is the perfect time to focus on self-love, building self-esteem and confidence. The Sun will fully support you as you try out new looks, treat yourself to some new wardrobe pieces or practice a few empowering affirmations.

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Things to watch out for during Leo season

Most Leos aren’t exactly known for mincing their words, and while the Sun is here, we’ll all take on that quality. It’ll be important to think before you speak. As people become more outspoken over the next few weeks, try not to take anything to heart to avoid damaged pride!

Leo is fixed, fire energy. All that heat and stubbornness could lead to drama. Staying open is key to avoid this – open-minded and open to other points of view, that is. Better yet, avoid any heavy, heated debates all together and try to keep things light-hearted for now.

Activities for Leo season

This month is all about doing what brings you pleasure. Make time for your hobbies, update or make a vision board or scrapbook, draw, paint, write – anything that involves creativity will be fully supported by the Sun this month, so you just might end up with a masterpiece.

Tap into self-love by writing yourself a love letter – list all the things you’ve done to make yourself proud, all your best qualities and everything you like about yourself.

Most importantly, enjoy this lighter, brighter energy. I’ll be back to fill you in on what we’ve got to work with for Virgo season (woohoo) very soon!

Happy Manifesting!

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