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spiritually empowered 4 home truths about the law of attraction

4 home truths about the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction definitely works – but it’s easy to see why there are so many people around who don’t agree. Law of Attraction principles can often be misunderstood, and that’s what causes failed attempts, skepticism and self-doubt.

Here are 4 common misconceptions about the Law of Attraction.

1.The Law of Attraction is not about living in denial

Guess what? You don’t have to stand in front of a mirror, looking yourself in the eye and repeating a positive affirmation such as “I am a millionaire” ten times a day.

It probably won’t work anyway, because every time your mouth speaks those words out loud, your mind will respond, “no you’re not”.

Also – you don’t have to sit around imagining things all day.

There are SO MANY books and articles about using the Law of Attraction that claim you MUST close your eyes and see what you want in order to achieve your desires.

I’ve tried, and tried, and tried some more to teach myself to do this, but I’M SORRY, I just can’t sit and picture pound notes floating everywhere around me (real advice!). I know they’re not there and I can’t make myself pretend that they are.

I just can’t get excited about imaginary floating pound notes.

But that’s OK. Because if you don’t believe in what you’re doing, it’s not going to work. So if something isn’t for you, don’t force yourself to do it!

Don’t get me wrong – if you can easily sit and visualise your desires then that is what you should be doing. It will help you manifest – I just want people who aren’t able to do it so well to know that they can still manifest the things they want using different methods.

This is the thing about visualisation – when your eyes can see it, you can believe it and get excited about it. Getting excited raises your energy, your vibration. This puts you in line with what you want to attract.

If you’re excited about something, it’s real, it’s happening, it’s there. You believe it.

So here’s something I suggest that EVERYONE can do. Create a vision board!vision-board-equiptment

It’s a very easy way for people like myself (who need to actually see their desires in front of them rather than in their heads) to visualise.

If you’ve never made one, I love these tips on creating a vision board that works. Collect photos, items, anything that represents your goals and desires. Stick them onto a board, or a large sheet of paper.

What you choose to include on your vision board is up to you – just make sure that everything you stick on it makes you feel good.

You should put your vision board somewhere you’ll see it every day. Every time you look at it, you’ll feel hopeful and positive which keeps your vibration high.

I love to make vision boards – the process is so much fun. When I’ve finished I feel such a wave of positivity, and it’s amazing what an effect just glancing at it can have. It instantly reminds you of all your goals, all your dreams, everything that’s on its way to you.

I also like to make vision scrapbooks – I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with notepads, so I stick pictures of things I want into my spares and flip through them when I need some extra motivation.

Oh, and keep updating your vision board too. The stuff that was on my first vision board a few years ago is totally different to what’s on my current one.

Your priorities change as you grow and your vision board should grow with you. Looking at a board filled with stuff you don’t care about anymore is not going to make you feel good.

2. The Law of Attraction is not about denying ourselves feelings that we, as humans, are meant to feel

You know – pain, anger, hurt, sadness, negative emotions.

Think about it: without sadness, could we really appreciate how it feels to be happy?

Negative emotions help us strive towards the positive. They show us what we don’t want so we can understand what we do want.

Maybe I’m wrong – but there must be a point to negative emotions or we wouldn’t have been given the ability to feel them when we were created. Not everything living on this planet has the ability to feel a range of emotions like we do (or so we think) and that gives us the power to create great things.

You’re allowed to have negative thoughts and feelings and you CAN still achieve your desires using the Law of Attraction if you do!

The key is balance.

The Universe is constantly responding to what’s happening right now – in the present – not the past or the future. So YES – if something shitty happens you don’t have to pretend everything’s amazing. Feel what you feel and accept that we are humans, and we can’t – and aren’t designed to be – happy 100% of the time.

The important thing is not to dwell or stay in those feelings for too long. Be pissed off, be angry, be upset – but once you’ve let the frustration out, move on and let it go.

Also, a negative reaction to a negative event is understandable. But learning to differentiate between a negative event and a minor inconvenience is important. By learning to let the super small stuff go (like a bird pooping on your car after you just washed it type of thing) you can limit the amount of time you spend in a bad mood over stuff that really isn’t worth it.

I like to give myself a time limit to feel negative emotions for things that are annoying but not the end of the world.

If I get a parking ticket, a stain on a brand new top I’ve just bought, or a large unexpected bill comes out of my account – of course I’m pissed! Honestly, if something annoying happens, I know I’m going to feel frustrated and I don’t deny myself that or beat myself up about it.

Instead, I give myself 10 minutes to be as irritated as I like. I use those 10 minutes to rant and vent and let it all out.

But once those 10 minutes are up, the negativity stops. I start thinking about ways I can solve the problems. And I start using gratitude to turn them around.

I feel grateful for my car. I feel thankful for the money I used to buy that new top. And I appreciate whatever product or service I’m using that the bill has come out for. And you know what happens? I start to feel better.

To be fair, once the 10 minutes are up I’m so ready to stop moaning anyway. Being negative is so depressing and boring – how do people do it all day every day?!

law of attraction book

3. The Law of Attraction isn’t just about thinking positive

Remember the “I’m a millionaire” affirmation example? If you don’t truly believe the Law of Attraction can work for you, it won’t work for you.

You need to do more than just thinking positive – you have to believe you can receive what you’re asking for too. Really believe.

When I first started manifesting, I got almost everything I asked for. In fact, one of the first things I manifested was exactly £3000.

I think it worked as well as it did for me because I was never ever skeptical about it. When I found out about the Law of Attraction, everything just clicked for me – rather than feeling like I had to go and do more research (which is how I normally am about everything) it just felt like a lightbulb moment. It made me feel hopeful about life again. I instantly believed it and couldn’t wait to put it into action.

So that day, when I wrote down on my little piece of paper that I wanted £3000, I was sure that I was going to get it. I actually forgot about it shortly after.

About 3 or 4 months later, I was deleting old emails when I noticed one I was sent exactly one year before that I hadn’t responded to. It was offering me the chance to apply for a student grant backdating me for 2 years that I had not been able to be assessed for in the past. I remembered why I didn’t reply – I didn’t have the documents they were asking for.

When I stumbled across this email a year later I had access to those documents – so I replied to the email, not even really expecting a response. I wasn’t entirely sure that the person dealing with my account would still be there a year later, plus I was just about to graduate, making it even less likely they’d bother. But she responded the same day. I sent her the documents she needed and 5 days later the grant was in my bank account. Guess how much I got? £3000 baby!

By the way, I still didn’t realise I manifested it. Like I said, I completely forgot I’d asked so I didn’t figure it out until I found the note asking for the £3000 a few months later!

Yes – it was a coincidence. But sometimes that’s how the Universe delivers your desires or brings you closer to them – through meaningful coincidences also known as synchronicity – read more about these here.

So how do we make this Universe thing work?! Let’s say you want to manifest some new summer clothes. Your wardrobe is full – where are the new clothes going to go?

You need to believe your desire is on its way to you to the point that you rearrange your wardrobe – put some of your winter clothes in the drawer so there’s space for your new clothes. Hang some extra hangers in the wardrobe, ready for your new clothes when they arrive. Prepare to receive what you’ve asked for.

We must make room in our lives for our desires to manifest. That’s how we communicate to the Universe that we believe.

Thoughts become things.

The Universe isn’t picking and choosing who it wants to make happy, punishing people and withholding desires because you didn’t believe. That’s not how it works.

If you don’t believe you can manifest your desires, you won’t manifest them. 

It’s that simple. Read more about how your beliefs affect your manifesting results here.

4. The Law of Attraction isn’t an excuse to do nothing

It’s more like ordering a pizza.

It doesn’t require too much effort, but you still have to do something.

First, you figure out exactly what you want. Then you place your order, describing what you want down to the last detail: the size, the base, the crust, the toppings….mmmm.

Then you get excited for what’s to come. You know it’s on its way – the order is placed so there’s no doubt about it. You do something to distract yourself because minutes feel like hours when you’re waiting for a pizza right? Just as you stop thinking about it – BOOM! The doorbell goes. PIZZAAAAA!

Easy. But there’s a little bit more to it than that.

You don’t just write ‘I want a pizza’ on a piece of paper and wait for it to appear. You put yourself in alignment to receive that pizza. You decide what you want. You look up the app or telephone number you need. You make sure you have the money to pay for it. The pizza place makes it, the delivery man delivers it but you are the one that truly makes it all happen.

Manifesting is more than writing a wish down on a piece of paper. You need to put yourself in alignment with your desire to receive it.

Let’s say you want more money in your life. You and I both know the Universe isn’t going to drop a bag of money out of the sky! But if you put yourself in alignment with getting more money, you’ll manifest more money.

Do things and take actions that could lead to you making more money. Search for higher paid jobs. Open a savings account. Search for ways to make money online. All these things are aligning you with your desire, making you more likely to get it.

Let’s go back to that story of when I manifested £3000. Admittedly, I didn’t have to do much so I’m probably not the best example to use for this point but hey! I did something. I could have deleted that email along with all the others.

It was a whole year later, there was way more chance of the lady not working there anymore or my case expiring. But I knew there was a chance, however small it was, that I could get some money if I replied to her email, so I did.

Remember that you never know how the Universe is going to deliver your desire, so you need to work with it to make things happen.

Let’s say you want a new car. You need to go car shopping, search online for cars, ask your friends if they know anyone that’s selling cars or where you can get a good deal – get involved! You know you’re getting a new car because you’ve asked for it and believe you can manifest it. So why not get the ball rolling?

Align yourself with what you want by taking the necessary steps to get it, and let the Universe do the rest. It will guide you to the right people, places and circumstances if you get up on your feet and move!

From now on, manifest your desires like you’re ordering a pizza. Decide exactly what you want and place your order with the Universe. Know with 100% certainty it’s on its way to you. Don’t obsess about it – do something to distract yourself – if you’re obsessing you’re telling the Universe you’re not really sure you’re going to get it.

Set the table, pour the drinks – put yourself in alignment with your order by taking some form of physical action to bring yourself closer to it. And when it comes, don’t forget to say thank you 🙂

Right! I’m off to order a pizza!

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