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I've been using the law of attraction to manifest my desires for over 5 years - it's a journey and I'm still learning, but I've picked up some tips along the way that will help you to see fast success and allow you to start living your best life.

My top 10 tips for law of attraction success

I’ve been using the law of attraction and manifesting for over 5 years and in that time, I’ve seen what really works and picked up a lot of tricks.

It’s a journey and I’m still learning, but today I want to share 10 things that have brought me success so far. It would be rude not to, right?! These tips work. They always get me the results I want, and I want the same for you. So let’s jump right in with the first one!

Handwrite your desires

The first step I always take after deciding I want something is to write it down. Don’t type out your desires on your phone or computer. Grab a pen and paper and do it the old-fashioned way.


You know how we always talk about the power of energy and how real it is? When you’re writing out your desires by hand, the energy is flowing from you, to the pen, to the piece of paper – and creating magic. I’ve tried typing out desires in word processors or in my phone’s Notes app in the past and it’s just not the same. I don’t feel a strong connection like I do when I handwrite.

Describe every detail of what you want.

Let’s say you’d like to manifest your dream job.

Think not only about what you want your job title to be. Think about the salary you want, the location you want to work in. What does the building look like? How would you like to get there? Is it driving distance or will you get the train? Is it easy to park outside?

If healthy eating is important to you, you want some good lunch options nearby too, right? What’s the energy like in the building? Is it buzzy and fast-paced? Is it peaceful and quiet? What are your colleagues like? Do you hang out together outside of work? How do they treat you?

And most importantly, how do you feel when your alarm goes off every morning and it’s time for work? Are you excited, ready to go? How do you feel when you step into that building? Do you love what you do? Is it fun? Challenging?

You’re designing your dream life here. Be very specific, because you will get exactly what you ask for. Just in case you do forget anything, I’ve recently started adding the words: ‘Thank you for this or something even better’ to the end of my notes.

One last tip for writing out your desires: use the present tense.

Don’t write things like ‘I will have my dream job’ or ‘I want my dream job’ unless you want to remain in a state of wanting or waiting. Write things like ‘My dream job is…’ ‘I have…’ ‘I am…’

Remember that your desire is yours already. Once you’ve decided you want it, it’s ready and waiting for you in the spiritual realm. The law of attraction is what helps you to manifest it into the physical realm. When you think about it like this, it’s a lot easier to believe what you’re writing out in the present tense.

Don’t tell anyone

Let’s say your favourite artist is Mariah Carey and you’re dying to go to one of her concerts, but the tickets are £150 and you can’t imagine where on earth you’d ever have that kind of money to spend on a concert.

Then you read up about the law of attraction and decide that you’re going to manifest a pair of those concert tickets. You’re feeling excited and confident. You’ve written it all out and you know there’s no reason why the universe won’t deliver. So you choose your outfit for the concert and you pick the friend you want to go with. You tell them:

“Keep the 25th of November free. We’re going to a Mariah Carey concert!”

“But the tickets are £125!” Exclaims Friend. “I don’t have that kind of money and neither do you. How are we going to do this?”

“Don’t worry!” You reply. “I’m going to manifest them using the law of attraction.”

Now here come 3 possible scenarios:

Scenario A: Friend says “You’re going to what? Are you crazy? What, do you think that £125 is just going to materialise out of nowhere? Dream on.”

And there you have it. Said Friend has completely burst your bubble, killed your vibe. You’d never even thought about the fact that this wouldn’t work until she said it. Even if you still believe, they’ve planted a seed of doubt and that’s enough to create major resistance as you start to wonder if you really are just dreaming and getting excited over nothing.

Scenario B: Friend says “Oh!” You see a smile slowly spread across their face and you’re not entirely sure if it’s genuine or not as they continue, “Well let me know how that works out. So excited!…”

Deep down, you know Friend isn’t saying what she really feels. She’s holding something back. She clearly thinks you’re crazy and is trying to spare your feelings – or are you just being paranoid? Who knows – but see how easily that doubtful energy can creep in from almost nothing and create a whole lotta resistance?

Scenario C is that Friend believes and is excited and happy for you. But is it really worth risking Scenario A or B when you could just wait till you’ve manifested what you want and get C?

Manifesting is exciting and it can be tempting to want to tell everyone about what you’re about to attract into your life using the power of your mind. It’s amazing. But shhh. Especially in the early stages when the energy you put out into the universe is crucial.

You never know how someone’s energy is going to influence yours and the slightest hint of negativity can throw you off track. So, the best thing to do is keep it to yourself until you’ve manifested it.

Collect pictures or visual representations

If you’re able to clearly visualise your desires in your mind and feel the feelings associated with having them, then you should do this as often as possible. That’s going to keep you in a state of high vibration. Plus, the subconscious mind does not differentiate between what’s real and imagined, which means that by continually visualising a certain scenario, you can trick the brain into thinking it’s really happened!

If you’re not great at visualisation, another way of doing this is to collect pictures (or visual representations if it’s not something physical) of what you want. You can create a vision board, stick your pictures into a manifesting scrapbook, make them your mobile or desktop screensavers or stick them on your walls and mirrors around your house.

Place them where you’ll see them regularly. Every time you see these pictures, feel the excitement of having those things because they are yours.

Visualising is about embedding the images of what you want into your mind so they trigger a good feeling. If you have trouble using your mind to do this, physical pictures are your next best bet.

Don’t overthink it!

The blog and Instagram has connected me to a lot of lovely people. I get some great questions, but something I’ve noticed with a lot of LOA newbies is that they tend to think they’re doing something wrong when the desire they have has not manifested yet.

They often tell me that they are confused by all the law of attraction books and articles they’ve read. This isn’t surprising, because there is a lot of conflicting information out there.

But do you know why?

Because there is no wrong or right way to manifest as long as you’re following the basics – ask, believe and receive.

That’s all there is to it!

There are things you can do to improve your mindset and to raise your vibration – what works for Person 1 might not work for Person 2, but Person 2 will find another way that works for them and that’s why there are so many different strategies and conflicting advice.  But the basics remain the same – ask for what you want, eliminate doubts and believe it’s yours, then let go so you can receive it.

Constantly questioning whether you’re doing it right or wrong, or beating yourself up because you had a few negative thoughts, creates resistance. Not only should you not doubt the universe, you should not doubt yourself or the power of your mind.

Don’t overcomplicate manifesting. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re doing way too much.

Even though I’ve been using the law of attraction for over 5 years, I’ll still sometimes read material aimed at beginners or watch things like ‘The Secret’ for the 1 millionth time. Never be afraid to go back to basics – the basics are what matters most!

I also want to add that if there’s anything on this list that you don’t particularly enjoy doing, you don’t have to force yourself to do it in order to make the law of attraction work for you. Simply choose what makes you feel good and focus on doing those things.

Create an affirmation

Resistance is a mindset block – any thoughts you have or actions you take that slow down the manifestation of what you want.

For example – if you’re trying to manifest some money, but as you’re writing out what you want your mind keeps going back to thoughts like ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ that is resistance.

If you’re obsessively checking your bank account waiting for the money to materialise – that is resistance.

If you’re focusing on the lack of money by complaining about it or being overly frugal with it – that is resistance.

These thoughts and actions come from your belief: that you don’t really believe the money is going to manifest.

Actions speak louder than words, but beliefs are key because they fuel our actions. 

I have learned that affirmations and manifesting go hand-in-hand. Whenever a limiting belief pops up, a quick statement that you can recite to instantly raise your vibration can be all you need to get your energy back in a positive place.

If you say something enough, your mind will start to believe it.

My holiday manifested using the law of attraction

A photo from my 2018 holiday to Barbados – Best manifestation EVER!

Take chances

Let’s say you’ve asked the universe for a brand new white Mercedes. What next?

You could sit around the house and wait for what you’ve asked for to manifest – but that would be painfully boring and you’d probably end up getting frustrated which would lower your vibration and then guess what – no Mercedes for you.

Using the law of attraction is supposed to be fun and exciting.

Why not do something totally random like go to a Mercedes showroom? Find the exact car you want and soak up every moment of it being right in front of you. You could sit in it, wrap your hands around the steering wheel, even take it for a test-drive.

Then, when you go to do your visualisation or journal about your desire, you’ll know exactly how it feels to drive that car and have it in your life which adds an extra punch. Those good fuzzy feelings of hope and excitement when you think about your car pave a clear path for it to show up in your life.

From the minute you’ve asked for something you want, you have to be open to taking more chances and doing things you wouldn’t normally do. As you’re using the law of attraction and aligning with your desire, you will start to notice more synchronicities – the universe will place things in your path at the most random moments.

If a friend you haven’t seen in 10 years calls you out of the blue and asks you to go out, go!

If your boss springs a random business trip on you, go.

If you have a song in your head and you walk into a shop and it’s playing on the radio, listen very carefully to the lyrics. There could be a message the universe wants you to hear.

In my experience, the weirder and more random things seem, the more likely it is that they are leading you to your desire.

This is where the law of attraction gets exciting. Enjoy it!

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I touched on this point in my latest post (✨my top 10 tips for law of attraction success, link in bio!!✨), but I want to expand on it here because I get so many messages from people thinking they’re doing something wrong when the thing they want hasn’t shown up in their life yet. There is so much information out there on the law of attraction, everyone has their different tips and strategies on making it work. But all of this can make us forget the very basics that are the most crucial if you want to see results. There are only 3 rules to the law of attraction: ask, believe and receive. ASK for what you want, BELIEVE it’s yours and be open to RECEIVING it. That’s it! Any other exercises you do outside of that are to improve your mindset and raise your vibration which can speed up the manifestation somewhat. But remember that even if you do none of those things, as long as you’re following the basic principle of ask, believe and receive, you can’t go wrong?If you don’t enjoy visualisation, you don’t have to do it. If you don’t enjoy meditation (as much as I recommend it) you don’t HAVE to do it. The law of attraction will STILL work whether you do it or not. The law of attraction still works in the lives of people who don’t believe in it, and in the lives of people who don’t intentionally use it. So know that it’s working for you, even if you only stick to the very basic principles. Simply do what makes you FEEL good. If you force yourself to do stuff you don’t want to do for the sake of the law of attraction, you’ll end up resenting it, which creates resistance. So don’t put so much pressure on yourself! ENJOY the process, the law of attraction is supposed to be exciting and fun, not overwhelming and stressful! So read my latest blog post but only use the tips that feel good to you. You don’t have to do anything that you don’t enjoy to make the law of attraction work, that’s why it’s so amazing. Have a lovely evening ?

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Keep your vibration high

We are like magnets – constantly attracting people and situations into our lives.

Our vibrational frequencies have a lot to do with that. You can tell how high or low your vibration is by monitoring the way you’re feeling on a regular basis. No matter what you’re trying to manifest, if you’re feeling doubtful, fearful, restless, irritated or sad – you’ll attract people and circumstances to you that mirror those feelings and vibrations.

The kind of feelings you want to reach for when you’re manifesting are joyful, excited, hopeful, confident, playful and grateful, to name a few. Sometimes, when you’re going through struggles in life it takes extra effort to consciously shift your emotions and feel good, but these are the most important times to do so.

If you can find a way to feel good when times are really bad, you’ve got this.

I wrote up a bunch of ways you can raise your vibration in this post, but to consistently keep your vibration high, I recommend you create a morning routine and follow it daily.

Most successful people have morning routines – and it’s easy to see why.

I believe that starting your day strong and positive sets you up for a good day every day and even if something does go wrong, you’ll be in a better frame of mind to deal with whatever arises.

I love to exercise in the mornings, and if for some reason I can’t do that, I like to set aside some quiet time for reading or meditation. But your morning routine can consist of whatever works for you and makes you feel good in your first waking moments.


As you begin to use the law of attraction to manifest the things you want, you’ll notice the universe sending you signs and signals through synchronicity.

You might start to see repeating numbers or symbols, for example. I saw repeating numbers like crazy when I first came up with the idea to start this blog and that’s what helped me to keep going, knowing I was on the right track.

But another way you’ll receive guidance and signs that lead you to your desire is through your intuition, and you can only be open to this kind of guidance when you learn to silence your mind and be still.

Just a few minutes of meditation can be enough to receive all you need. I recommend you keep a pen and notepad nearby so when you finish your meditation session, you can note down anything that came to you. You’ll notice that you’re full of ideas, bursting with inspiration and that life flows perfectly if you add meditation to your manifesting rituals.

Keep track 

It’s important to keep track of everything you manifest because you’ll find that your confidence builds as you see the law of attraction really working in your life.

Looking over your past successful manifestations can be amazing motivation and inspiration when you’re feeling low or pushing through a manifesting plateau.

I recently started doing this as I realised I have so many notebooks and I would write little notes to the universe in all of them, which made it really hard to keep track of everything I’d asked for. There are so many little things that worked out for me that I forgot about, and in my lower moments, I know it would have really helped to see those.

Now, when I write down what I want, I put it in my manifestation box. I keep crystals on top of the box and burn incense around it to keep the good vibes flowing, but apart from that it’s nothing fancy, just a plain box with my wishes and dreams inside it 🙂 Every so often I’ll go through it to see if anything I’ve asked for has manifested. If it has, I’ll take it out of the box and put it in another one.


Trust the law of attraction 

Don’t lose faith, no matter what.

We live in an abundant, infinite universe and people around the world are taking advantage of it and living their best lives every day. There’s no reason why you can’t do that too.

You deserve to have an amazing life and everything you want can be yours. You just have to believe, and go for it!

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