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The law of attraction is one of 12 universal laws. But did you know that there's another law you must use alongside it to really see results? Without it, the law of attraction won't work. Read the post to learn all about the law that makes the law of attraction work! - SpirituallyEmpowered

The law of attraction isn’t enough! Here’s how to really to get what you want

Most people find out about the law of attraction through a book called The Secret or something similar, and the story goes a little something like this:

Person reads book and suddenly feels inspired and excited.

“All I have to do is think about what I want and it will appear right in front of me?! Let me try that out!”

*imagines themselves holding a million-pound cheque, addressed to them*

*nothing happens*

*keeps trying*

*nothing happens*

“Doesn’t work!”

When I speak to people who don’t believe in the law of attraction, this is pretty much the number one reason why. They don’t understand how you can just think of something you want and see it magically appear in your life. They don’t see how that’s possible. Surely everyone would live amazing lives if that were possible, right?


The law of attraction definitely doesn’t work…like that. It’s one of 12 universal laws, and a lot of people don’t realize that there’s another law that works with the law of attraction and you have to use them both together.

The law that makes the law of attraction work

That law, is the law of action.

So to be clear: the law of attraction cannot work without the law of action.

It’s not enough to ask for something you want and act as if you already have it all day long.

The ‘asking’ is setting the manifestation in motion, getting clear about what you want, placing your order with the Amazon of the universe, if you will.

The ‘acting as if’ is aligning yourself with what you’ve asked for by getting into the feelings of having it, so you can be on the same vibrational level as it, which will then pave the way for you to attract it.

But this is all foundation work, getting ready, preparing for what you want. It’s like putting your key in the ignition of a car and turning it to start the engine.

Action is putting your foot down on the accelerator, getting things moving!!!

How the law of action supports the law of attraction

When you want to manifest something, you ask the universe for it. But the universe is not a physical entity and can’t actually bring your request to you, so instead, it responds by sending you signs, signals, and hunches through your intuition that lead you to what you want.

It works through us.

So intentionally following this guidance is a form of taking action, and that is how you begin to see things manifest.

But let’s not get action confused with ‘hard work’.

Manifesting shouldn’t be stressful, or overwhelming, or difficult. No blood, sweat or tears required to get what you want here.

Actions don’t need to be huge. They don’t need to cost any money, or take up much of your time.

Taking action is simply doing something that aligns and supports the words you speak, the thoughts you think and the feelings you have in relation to your desire.

Most of the time, starting off with a small action is really all that’s needed to get the manifestation wheels in motion.

All actions you take matter and nothing will ever be pointless – because every action has a reaction, which is actually the basis of another universal law (the law of karma) which I’ll go through in another post.

You could get an urge or a strong desire to join a yoga class – there’s seemingly no meaning in that and doesn’t seem like it would lead to a direct manifestation, but then you could walk into your first class and meet the love of your life.

You could get the urge to enter a competition or buy a scratch card – even if these actions don’t lead to big manifestations like an abundance of money, they show the universe that you’re looking for and expecting what you’ve asked for to come to you, which opens more doors that eventually lead you to exactly what you want.

Follow those signs and signals and really pay attention to your intuition when you’re in the manifestation process (which is always). It will lead you to places you couldn’t even imagine!

Implementing the law of action in your life

From the moment you decide you want something, alongside writing it down by hand, you should also write a list of possible actions you can take to bring you closer to that outcome.

The next thing you should do is carry out one of those actions, no matter how small or insignificant it might seem.

When you take action, you’re giving the universe no choice but to respond with what you want.

When you’re focused and taking determined steps to get what you want, you’ll see that you begin to attract the people and circumstances you need to take you closer to your goal. That’s the law of attraction working with the law of action.

When you get a strong feeling you should call someone, or go somewhere, or do something – don’t brush that off – it’s happening for a reason. That person you feel like you should call might have some information or say something that leads you to the next place you need to be to manifest what you want. Follow the leads from the universe – don’t ignore them!

The law of action is a simple one. The universe only moves if you do, so be prepared to get up off that peachy bum and do something if you want to see the law of attraction work in your life.

Happy manifesting!

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