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When our thoughts begin to spiral and snowball, mindfulness gives us the power to regain control. But so many of us have trouble fitting mindfulness practices into our busy lives. Read this post to get all my tips and tricks on how to live a mindful life, effortlessly!

How to fit mindfulness into a busy day

Why is mindfulness so important?

Why is everyone talking about it these days?

And why does every law of attraction book and blog you read mention it?

Because consciously creating the life of your dreams can get busy.

Thinking wholesome thoughts while tackling everything on your to-do-list and protecting yourself from other people’s negativity can get draining.

Mindfulness is important because it’s so easy for our minds to go off on a tangent.

It’s easy for thoughts to spiral and snowball, but mindfulness gives us control over this. Like pressing the pause button on the remote for our minds, mindfulness gives us the power to do that whenever we need to.

A lot of our thoughts are about the future – we’re always planning, sometimes worrying, often thinking about ways to get the things we want that we don’t currently have.

Mindfulness brings us back to the present moment.

Why do we need to be in the present moment?

So, we can enjoy it. How many times did you say something like, ‘wow, this year is flying!’ last year?

How many times have you said it so far this year?

The older you get, the more you notice it. Time really does fly, so we need to savour every moment. Enjoy it.

Appreciate it.

But of course, life is busy – unfortunately we don’t always feel like we have time to make time to incorporate mindfulness into our lives. But you can reap huge rewards from the smallest of efforts – some that take no time at all in the grand scheme of things, and in this post I’ll be showing you how.

These tips will help you to fit mindfulness into your daily routine and you will see those little moments add up to better manifestations and happier times in life.

Trust me.

On to my first tip:

Slip yoga poses into your daily routine

It’s free, accessible to everyone and absolutely amazing. Post-yoga high is a real thing that everyone needs to feel. There are no words to describe what I feel after a good session. Just pure positive energy.

There are many different types of yoga – it can be a sweaty, tiring workout or a calming, gentle practice – you just pick what you need on any particular day.

I normally do a full yoga session every day but something I’ve recently found is that taking a pose on its own, coupled with some cleansing deep breaths can make a huge difference when you feel overwhelmed or need a quiet moment.

Whenever you can steal a quick minute to yourself, try holding one of these calming yoga poses and breathe deeply:

Child’s Pose

One of my favourites. It’s amazing for relieving stress. It calms the mind, relaxes the muscles in the back – and if you do Extended Child’s Pose (with your arms outstretched) you can get a nice shoulder stretch too – perfect, as we tend to carry a lot of tension in that area. See Child’s Pose and how to do it safely here.

Corpse Pose

Corpse pose relaxes your entire body, improves concentration and stimulates blood flow. When you’ve been tensed up at work all day, this soothing pose is a huge relief for your whole system. It might not look like a lot on the outside, but on the inside, it’s working wonders. See Corpse Pose and how to safely do it here.

Standard Forward Fold Pose

What an amazing stretch for your hamstrings and the whole back of your body! This pose also improves circulation and calms the mind as you send a fresh flow of blood to your head by placing it underneath your heart. See Forward Fold and how to safey do it here.

Whether yoga is for you or not, you can always benefit from taking just a few moments to try these soothing poses.

Just breathe

There are times where it’s honestly so hard to bring myself to meditate.

Even though I know all the benefits of doing it and I see how much my life improves when I’m doing it.

In theory, it should be such an easy thing to do but OMG do I have to motivate myself to do it sometimes. I get so antsy!

But I do it and I never regret it. Amazing things just seem to happen in my life when I’m being consistent with it – I don’t know if it’s the meditation itself, or the effect it has on my mind and thoughts that causes me to attract better things but meditation is the KEY to all of this – I am convinced.

Anyway, something that really helps me to stay consistent with mediation is an app called Insight Timer (Apple, Google Play. Thank me later). Honestly, I think it is way better than Headspace – in fact, I would go as far as to say it’s the best mediation app I’ve come across and I’ve tried quite a few!

There is just so much more variety and things you can do to enhance your mediation practice and it’s all free. There are so many guided meditations for everything from falling asleep, to manifesting love and abundance and visualising.

When you don’t want to be guided, you can use the timer – in silence, or with a choice of relaxing sounds in the background. I meditate to the sound of running water – it’s bliss!

Whether you choose to go for a full meditation session or simply take a few minutes just to breathe deeply when you can, you’ll notice how just focusing on your breathing can bring you back to the present moment, improve your focus – and your life.

Cleansing time

Shower time is the perfect time to fit some mindfulness into your day.

You’re alone, in your most vulnerable state.

It’s just you and the universe.

Do some deep breathing, repeat some affirmations or mantras, clear your mind.

Imagine the running water washing away all the negativity and stress, taking it down the drain and out of your life.

This is your personal, private time where no one can interrupt you. For some people, this is the only time they get alone. Use it. Enjoy it!

Don’t compromise on your mindfulness

Make sure you allocate a bit of time every day, whether it’s in the morning or evening, where you can be alone to do something that makes you feel good.

It doesn’t have to be the same time every day, you just have to make the effort to find the time where you can.

You have to commit to your mindfulness and that sometimes means setting boundaries.

It means putting your phone on Do Not Disturb so you can meditate or sleep uninterrupted.

It means asking people to respect your alone or quiet time.

It means asking yourself, ‘Have I had any time alone, to do something I want to do?’ every single day. And if the answer is no, it means making sure you get that time before the day is over.

Use the time to read an inspiring book, journal, or even just sit in silence with your thoughts. You don’t always have to be doing something. Learning this has been one of my biggest struggles.

I would berate myself if I felt like I was being lazy or had nothing to do. I’d always make sure I was doing something from when I woke up until I fell asleep. Then I’d burn out and not do anything at all for a week and feel even shitter. Don’t be like me.

Don’t put pressure on your mindfulness practice.

Start small, keep it simple.

A few yoga poses in the morning.

A couple of affirmations in the shower.

A few deep breaths at lunch.

A page of an inspiring book before bed.

Maybe a few calming yoga poses again to end the day.

As these small practices lead you on to discover what you enjoy the most, you can build on them.

Those few deep breaths at lunch become 10 minutes of midday meditation.

Those relaxing bedtime yoga poses become a full session.

You grow and evolve and your practice will grow and evolve with you. Trust the process!

Let your subconscious mind take the lead

When I’m getting ready for the day, I usually have an inspirational podcast, audiobook or even just some positive affirmations playing in the background. I might not even be actively listening to it word for word, but if it’s on in the background, my subconscious mind is drinking it all in.

I’ve also recently been listening to affirmations as I fall asleep at night. I even bought a headband with speakers in it* because have you ever tried getting a good night’s sleep with those stiff-ass Apple headphones in your ears at night?! Torture.

Bed time is the best time to listen to affirmations because your subconscious mind absorbs them like a sponge. There’s no resistance from the conscious mind to block the positive messages.

And honestly, since doing this, I have been seeing some really positive changes. I’ve manifested new work opportunities, extra money and just more motivation in general since listening to nightly affirmations. I listen to the Manifest In Your Sleep series by Dauchsy, in case you wanna try 🙂

There’s no excuse for fitting this one in. All you have to do is sleep!

How to stay consistent with mindfulness

I don’t do well with doing the exact same thing every single day. If that works for you, congratulations – you will have no problem incorporating a solid mindfulness routine into your daily life.

If you’re more like me, I have this to say to you:

You don’t have to have a schedule laid out every day. What you’re in the mood for one day may be the last thing you feel like doing the next. So be kind and understanding with yourself.

See how you feel when you wake up in the morning. If you wake up feeling sad or tired, maybe you should take a few extra moments to get your mindfulness practice in there and then.

If you wake up energized and ready to go, you might want to push it back to the evening when it’s time to unwind.

Or vice-versa.

There will also be days when you don’t feel like doing anything at all. That’s fine too.

You might try to start anyway – then find that you’re not feeling it.

It’s fine to switch off.

Don’t let mindfulness become a chore, a drag – something that you have to do.

It should always be something you want to do.

Try different things, see what works. Keep what does and discard what doesn’t. Listen to yourself. Respect your needs.

I hope these tips found you at the right time and gave you some inspiration. I’d love to hear about your own mindfulness practices in the comments if you’d like to share them with me.

Happy mindful manifesting!

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