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My favourite astrology resources

Hey you! 🙂

We’ve been chatting about astrology a lot on here lately, and I hope that after reading all the posts on it, you’re ready to start learning how to apply it to your own life. To help you get started, I thought I’d round up my favourite astrology resources for you.

This is everything (I can remember) that I’ve used to learn about it over the last few years. Also – some stuff I just use for fun, and amazing resources you can check out for anything astrology-related.

Here we go!

(This post contains affiliate links. Read my disclosure for more info!)


I’m keeping this very beginner-friendly so I’m going to point you in the direction of only 2 books – one for learning and one I like for reference.

When it comes to learning astrology, I personally feel like you only need one beginner book that covers everything to get the principles down. And I have the PERFECT book for that.

Astrology for Dummies – Rae Orion

This is the first astrology book I ever read. I picked it up as a total beginner, who had never even heard of a natal chart or a moon sign, and learned so much – so effortlessly.

This is a very in-depth book covering every detail you need to know about basic astrology – and by the way, ‘basic’ in astrology is actually quite complex.

Astrology for Dummies gives you a lot of information, but in a very easy to understand way, and there are loads of images, tables and celebrity natal chart case studies to help you get your head around it all.

I was obsessed from start to finish and I cannot stress enough how easy this book makes it all to understand, without dumbing anything down – despite the title.

If you’ve never read anything from the For Dummies series, you’re in for a treat. This book opened my eyes to how amazing astrology is and I would recommend it in a heartbeat to anyone wanting to learn the basics.

Astrology for the Soul (Bantam Classics) – Jan Spiller

This is a classic astrology book and it’s one of the few that has changed my life. I love it so much that I’m going to do a full post on it so I won’t go too much into detail here -but the author gives amazing in-depth interpretations on how your north node sign placement influences your destiny and fuels your behaviour, habits and emotional wiring.

Discovering my North Node sign literally transformed my life by helping me to understand what was fuelling the little bad habits, attitudes and actions I would take that weren’t serving me. I made so many positive changes based on the advice that Jan gives and I am seeing amazing rewards because of this book.

The North Node has such a strong impact on our lives that the interpretations are so incredibly SPOT ON without even taking into account the sun, moon and rising signs.


Oh and don’t worry if you have no idea what the North Node is – she explains it all and includes a table of dates so you can find your sign and get your interpretation.

Sun Sign, Moon Sign: Discover the Personality Secrets of the 144 Sun-Moon Combinations – Charles Harvey

So you’ve just discovered your moon sign and you’re excited. You want to know more, do ya? Well I highly recommend you get your hands on this little gem.

It has a detailed interpretation for all 144 possible sun-moon sign combinations – so rather than reading a zodiac description of just your sun sign, you can get an even deeper look into your personality by reading about your sun and moon combination.

Then you can look up your boyfriend or girlfriend to find out all their secrets, then your sister to find out why she’s such a brat, and so on *evil plan laugh*

On a serious note, it’s a great reference tool to keep around!

(I’ve rounded up some more books I like for you at the end of the post – I felt they were worth a mention, even if they didn’t quite make the cut!)


Once you’ve learned all the basics of astrology and become obsessed, the next thing you’ll do is start Googling EVERYTHING to find out more. Or is that just me? I’m always finding new astrology websites to browse and learn new things, but these are a few that I LOVE and use all the time.


Where do I start with this amazing website? This is the king of astrology resources, my go-to for ALL THINGS astrology. Literally. They have articles about EVERYTHING that are suitable for beginners and people with more advanced knowledge.

Can you tell how passionate I am about this website? LOL.

I link to a lot of CafeAstrology articles in my astrology posts because they are just so detailed and interesting. If you’re looking for interpretations for any house or planet placement in your chart, this is the first place you should go.

But that’s not all! You can also do your birth chart on there and get a very, very detailed interpretation of the whole thing – and it’s spot on – like crazy accurate. Free!!

They also do some personalised reports you can pay for. I buy the solar return one every year before my birthday and it really gives me a good idea of what themes to expect over the coming year – again, this is so accurate despite the fact that It’s computer-generated.

And so cheap as well! You can get your hands on an amazingly insightful report for about £4.

I could write a whole post on how much this website has been an incredible source of astrology information for me. But I won’t put you through that if you just promise to check it out for yourself?! You have to!!!


Head straight to this website when you just want a quick, no-frills natal like this one:

astrolabe natal chart

If you just want to know your planet positions, for example, this is perfect because it’s very clear and easy to understand. There is a basic interpretation of each planet position underneath, but it’s quite generalised and old-school so I wouldn’t pay too much attention to that bit.


Oh, this website is just LIFE. It has loads and loads of different horoscopes and charts you can do when you’re really ready to start experimenting.

You can do interactive compatibility (composite) charts – so you hover over a certain aspect and get a reading for it.

You can also get many different variations of your natal chart (we’re creeping into advanced territory here, but basically you can get different layouts of the same natal chart – some astrologers use different calculation methods, but the style pictured above is the most common by far),

lunar return charts (which is a calculation of your chart when the moon returns to its natal position, which can give you a predictive reading for the month)

and solar return charts (which is a calculation of your chart when the sun returns to its natal position, which can give you a predictive reading for the year) to name just a FEW.


There’s a lot on this website – most of which I haven’t checked out yet, to be fair. The reason why I like to use this website is because you can look up the signs and planets for almost every celebrity on the planet.

Is it weird that I like to do that?

It’s just so interesting for research and case studies. You can also do your own, and get some pretty good interpretations, but one thing I will say is that the charts are not as clear as the ones you get on the websites I’ve listed above.


AstrologyZone by Susan Miller is one of my best astrology discoveries I’ve ever made, like EVER. She is amazing. Her website has taught me so much about astrology, and she explains everything in such a beautiful way.

Definitely check out the Learn Astrology section of her website – she covers the planets, the elements (earth, air, fire, water), the qualities (cardinal, mutable, fixed) and the houses of the charts in great detail.

Also, her essay on eclipses is a must read!

And do not leave her site without reading your monthly horoscope – that’s the best bit! Her monthlies are super long, very in-depth, and usually very on-point – I’ve been reading them religiously for years and she always delivers with the details and accuracy.

She’s also very positive – even if she has to break you some negative news about the month ahead, she always has a lot of helpful suggestions on how to avoid the bad situations.

Primal Astrology

This is a site I randomly stumbled across last year. I now have it bookmarked in my phone and refer to it all the time – it is the craziest, most accurate thing online. You HAVE to check it out.

It’s basically a website of interpretations for your primal zodiac sign – which is a blend of your Chinese zodiac sign and your Western zodiac sign.

Each combination corresponds to an animal (mine is Flamingo) and I swear on my life, the interpretations are soooo accurate. As soon as I read mine, I sent the site around on WhatsApp to pretty much everyone I know that was interested in astrology and only one person didn’t resonate with it.

Everyone was else was in shock at how accurate it was. Find out your Chinese sign and then check this out now!


There’s a huge astrology community online, and forums are some of the best astrology resources around. You don’t even have to contribute. For every astrology question you have, there’s a 100% chance multiple people are asking the same one in one of these forums, and it’s already been answered too.

It’s amazing how much reading through other’s experiences with astrology can teach you. You can sit and browse through some of the conversations or search for specific topics – sometimes if you type an astrology question on Google, threads from these forums will be the first that pop up which is how I found all of them.

In some, you can speak to very experienced people or send them screenshots of your chart and they will give you free interpretations! Even if you don’t do any of the above, forums are great when you’re obsessed with astrology, just to be around others who share the same interest and passion as you. Here are my favourites:






I am literally on this blog every damn day! It’s one of my best astrology resources, up there with CafeAstrology for sure!

They have sooo many good articles, a lot of which I’ve linked to in my astrology posts, and their zodiac descriptions are some of the very few that I approve of as they’re not old-school and generalised like a lot of what we see online these days.

But I’m really glossing over how amazing all that content is because I want to tell you the number one reason why you should be visiting AstroStyle on a very regular basis – it’s the HOROSCOPES.

They are so crazy on-point that it’s genuinely freaky sometimes. Their weekly and monthly horoscopes are very long and in-depth and I can’t go a month or a week without checking mine out.

Their writing style is also so funny and engaging – they keep you hooked from the first word till the last. One thing I will say is that they speak a lot about houses and aspects between the planets – so I would brush up on some very basic astrology first just so you know exactly what they’re talking about.

They also have an online astrology course – I’m planning on doing it just as a refresher so I’ll update this post in the future with the details on that, but I can imagine it’s brilliant.

Astrology Marina

I only discovered this blog about 2 weeks ago, so excuse me for the lack of concrete knowledge, but this is a blog by an astrology student.

I’m not clear on if she still studies astrology or even if she updates the blog anymore (it doesn’t look like she does) but I’m so grateful she’s kept it online because the content that is currently on there is amazing for anyone who is looking to learn more about astrology.

She explains everything in a clear, easy way to understand and I would highly recommend browsing her sitemap for topics you find interesting.

Free Apps

Astrology on the go? Yes please!


Download the AstrologyZone app to get Susan Miller’s monthly horoscopes on your smartphone. They’re a lot easier to read on the mobile app, and the app itself is very simple and easy to use. I love it!


This is the app I currently use to track the phases of the moon. It’s simple, very easy to use – it tells you what phase the moon is in as soon as you open it up, and it also gives you the dates for the rest of the phases in that month. I’ve linked to Apple as I don’t think they have an Android version for this app, but Android users I got you – I’ve heard good things about this moon tracking app too.

Time Passages

I use the free version of this iPhone app – it allows you to view interpretations for current astrology – so where all the planets are at right now. Plus, you can upload your chart data and read interpretations for your sun, moon and rising sign, and get a good daily horoscope personalised to your planet transits.

It’s not something I refer to on a daily basis but it’s definitely a handy app to have.


So, this app was created by Astrolabe, the website I was telling you about earlier with the simple natal charts.

Sure, it’s a lil’ old school and a lil’ buggy, but it’s a very quick and convenient way of drawing up a quick natal chart on your phone.

Um, yeah. When you get to my level of obsessed, you will need to do this at some point to explain stuff to your friends, and you WILL need this app 🙂

SpirituallyEmpowered 🙂

Sooo… I don’t want to toot my own horn but if we’re talking astrology resources, I do feel I should slip a few of my own articles in here, as I’ve also written a few guides to help beginners figure out the basics of astrology.

What NOT to do during Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde has a bad rep – it’s kinda known as 3 weeks of hell. It took me a long time to accept that this is real, and there really are things we just should not do during these times of year because they almost always go wrong.

I want to save everyone the stress of having the Mercury Retrograde experiences I’ve had in the past, so I made a list of those things, threw in a bunch of personal anecdotes to really drive the points home and created a cheat sheet for you so Mercury Retrograde will never poop on you like it has me 🙂

Amazing things you can do with astrology Part 1

In this article, I took you through the basics of a natal chart – what it is, how to interpret it and the incredible amount of information you can learn about yourself and your destiny from doing your own one.

Amazing things you can do with astrology Part 2

In this guide I taught you how to decipher true compatibility and improve communication with your loved ones in a very effective way – and no, it’s not comparing sun signs!

Amazing things you can do with astrology Part 3

This article was all about using astrology to discover the best times to do certain things and make sure you get the best results.

So that’s a bunch of very useful astrology resources I recommend for you. Enjoy, love!! xx


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