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As the Sun moves through each sign of the zodiac, the energy of the sign it’s in ‘flavours’ the events that take place, the feelings and emotions that come up for us and the issues that concern us.

Knowing how to work with this energy can set you up for a successful month, every month!

Each month I am currently writing a post dedicated to giving you the best tips and tricks on what to expect and how to navigate this energy – kind of like a general horoscope for us all. (When the sun has made a full cycle through each sign, this page will be complete with 12 posts you can refer back to every month!)

Read the posts:March – April: Aries Season – The Month To Start Fresh

April – May: Taurus Season: The Month To Get Focused

May – June: Gemini Season: The Month To Organise Your Thoughts

June – July: Cancer Season: The Month To Work Through Emotions

July – August: Leo Season: The Month To Take A Break From It All

August – September: Virgo Season: The Month To Become A Better You

September – October: Libra Season: The Month To Work On Relationships

October – November: Scorpio Season: The Month To Embrace Intensity

November – December: Sagittarius Season: The Month To Explore and Dream Big

December – January: Capricorn Season: The Month To Work Hard and Reach Your Goals

January – February: Aquarius Season: The Month To Socialise, Connect and Invent

February – March: Pisces Season: The Month To Reflect, Rest and Recover

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