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As the sun moves through the emotional, sensitive territory of Cancer, things are getting intense! This post has tips on how to navigate Cancer season.

Cancer Season: The Month To Work Through Emotions

The sun has now sailed into water territory and we’ve been catapulted out of fast-moving, fast-thinking Gemini energy as we dive head-first into the deep and watery world of the crab. Welcome to Cancer season!

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I didn’t even have time to prepare for the intensity of this one. We’re 24 hours into Cancer season at the time of writing and it feels like my emotions are on a never-ending field trip at Thorpe Park!

Cancer season is intense as it is – but we have a lot of planetary activity that is adding to that intensity. Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all snoozing in retrograde – with Neptune joining them on June 22. Oh…and it’s eclipse season. As I write this on June 21, we have a new moon solar eclipse in the sign of Cancer.

This means there’s a lot of heightened energy and big changes on the horizon for us all.

When the sun is in water, emotions come rising up to the surface. That’s a key theme of the next few weeks. The move from Gemini into Cancer takes the focus off thinking and puts it all on feeling.

Intuition will also play a huge part – a focus on water energy, coupled with this much retrograde planetary activity says to me that we’ll be going inwards a lot during Cancer season, doing plenty of work on ourselves, healing, and being guided by our emotions and feelings.

Cancer Season

Dates: June 20 – July 22

Keywords: Feeling, Intuition, Home, Women, Nurturing, Family, Mood Swings

Birthstone: Ruby

Element: Water

Power Colour: Grey/Silver

Chakra: Third Eye

About Cancer

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, represented by the crab. It’s a cardinal water sign. Cardinal signs are about making things happen and getting things done – but Cancer operates in a different way to its cardinal counterparts (Aries, Libra, Capricorn).

Aries wants to just dive right in. Libra wants to weigh up and evaluate first. Capricorn believes that slow and steady wins the race. And Cancer? Cancer feels things out and makes moves when things feel right.

Cancer is ruled by the moon – an energy that is gentle, yet highly powerful at the same time. The sign of Cancer is associated with women, mothers and all things feminine, which shines a spotlight on these areas over the next few weeks.

How to use Cancer energy

With Gemini season came a huge turning point in the Black Lives Matter Movement. People came together to debate and protest, and some very important conversations began to take place around the world – Gemini all over. People were researching things, educating themselves, sharing information – just as I predicted (#just sayin’ 🙂 ) would be key themes of Gemini season.

As the sun moves through the intense emotional waters of Cancer, I think that the conversation will no doubt continue over the coming weeks, but I predict a shift in tone. Anger, pain, vulnerability, sadness, personal stories and experiences will take precedence as even more people feel compelled to open up.

Work through the emotions

Everyone is more sensitive during this time.

We feel emotions day in and day out all year round. But for the next few weeks, the intensity at which we feel them is going to shoot through the roof.

Everything is going to be heightened, so we’re going to need the love and support of our close friends and family. Don’t shut people out. Confide, share and process as you go through the motions.

This is an intense time. Find a way to channel everything you’re feeling in a positive way, whether that’s through sweaty workouts, calming yoga practices, long walks, or simply just talking things through with the people you trust.

And remember – it will all pass.

Home is where the heart is

Gemini season was all about connecting and socialising, but during the energy of Cancer season, you might find that you’d rather retreat.

With the sun’s light shining brightly in the sign of home and roots, a cosy stay in with some hearty, home-cooked food is going to win pretty much every time over venturing out –  even after months of being in lockdown.

I say go for it. With a virus still floating about and most fun places still shut – you’re hardly going to experience FOMO.

Use your intuition

The sign of Cancer is linked to the sixth energy centre in our bodies – the Third Eye chakra. Located between the eyebrows, this chakra is associated with our intuition, higher consciousness and seeing beyond the illusions in life.

Whenever the sun is in water, you have an especially promising time to practice tuning into your intuition.

Over the next few weeks, let your gut guide you as much as you can.

No matter what your brain says, it’s your feelings that are in charge during Cancer season, so tune in.

This is the perfect time of year to start or strengthen a meditation practice. The more you meditate, the easier it’ll be to recognise and hear your intuition when it’s speaking to you.

Things to watch out for

Did you know that the moon directly affects the rise and fall of the sea levels?

As the sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon, and our bodies are full of water – is it any wonder the moon has such an effect on us too?

During Cancer season, our emotions will feel a bit like tidal waves, rising to great highs before crashing to lows as our moods fluctuate.

That’s right – it is mood swing central for the next four weeks. Expect them, embrace them, roll with them. Give the people around you lots of patience and time and give that to yourself too.

Be extra kind to yourself – we should be doing this anyway but especially when the sun is in a water sign. We need lots of nurturing and care right now, but as we’re all going to be going through it, the first person you should look to for those things is yourself.

Ritual for Cancer season

Speaking of nurturing – I recommend putting a strong focus on emotional healing over the next couple of weeks. Make sure you get some time to yourself to meditate – sit in silence and notice your thoughts, chant healing mantras, whatever it means to you.

Take your journal and write some forgiveness letters – to yourself or to anyone or anything else you need to let go of.

If things are getting too much or you’re dealing with some heavy thoughts, run a bath, light some candles and add a few cups of Epsom or Himalayan salt to the water – maybe a few drops of calming lavender essential oil too.

No bubbles – just salt and water. Lie in the bath for at least 30 minutes and set an intention that the salt will cleanse your aura and help to release toxic thoughts from you.

There’s something about taking salt baths that I find so healing. And if there was ever a perfect time to immerse yourself in water, it’s now!

Again, remember that whatever comes up during this time will pass – and we have the fun, bright, playful energy of Leo to look forward to next. I’ll be back soon to tell you all about that!

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