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Mercury retrograde has a bad reputation but did you know it's actually a good thing? If you know how to work with this powerful energy, these periods that are dreaded by so many can actually bring a lot of luck into your life. Read the post to find out how to enjoy and benefit from mercury in retrograde!

7 ways you can benefit from Mercury retrograde!

Mercury retrograde has a bad reputation – I even wrote about all the things you shouldn’t do during this crazy three-week period in this post (and that’s probably a good place to start if you have no idea what I’m talking about as it explains what Mercury retrograde actually is).

If you are clear on what Mercury retrograde is – read on. Because there are also many things that are highly recommended to do during this period too!

Believe it or not, Mercury retrograde can actually enhance and bring luck to our lives if we know how to use the energy of this time correctly, and in today’s post, I’m going to tell you all about how to do that.

So shall we get started?

Good things about Mercury Retrograde

1) Mercury retrograde is an amazing time for catching up with old friends

Mercury retrograde is all about learning lessons from the past and tying up loose ends so you can create a better future for yourself. And for that reason, actions that involve going backward in time are fully supported by the energy, making these periods a great time for reminiscing.

If there’s an old friend you haven’t seen in a while, you might find that they’re on your mind a lot more recently – like a reminder from the universe that we should make more time for the special people in our lives.

Mercury retrograde is the best time to get back in touch with that friend you’re missing. I always end up catching up with friends that live far away from me during Mercury retrograde and the reunions always feel like they have a little extra magic to them. Everything goes smoothly and the communication is perfect – which as we know, is not typical of these periods!

2) It can breathe new life into old forgotten projects

Remember that book you started writing or that website you started building all that time ago?

Remember that amazing plan you had to make it big before life got in the way and it all went on the backburner?

Mercury retrograde is the best time to revive that forgotten project. You might even find that you’re more inspired or have better luck with it this time around.

This goes for refining existing projects too. As long as you’re not creating anything new, luck will be on your side.

Just remember to regularly save your progress and keep backup copies!!

3) Looking for closure? Mercury retrograde can help

People from your past tend to pop up during Mercury retrograde – physically, on your phone or in your thoughts.

Quite often, ‘people’ includes exes and maybe old friends you drifted from or fell out with. However, just because they’ve returned during Mercury retrograde doesn’t mean you should welcome them back with open arms.

Mercury retrograde is kind of like a wildcard – you never know what you’re gonna get.

Either this person returns with a new perspective and you’re able to rekindle your relationship and get back to how it was or better. Or – their return presents you with an opportunity to hash things out and say a final goodbye – allowing you to move on.

Trust your intuition here – you’ll instinctively know which path you should take with this person.

4) It’s the best time for downtime!

Here’s some amazing news – relaxation is an action that is FULLY supported by Mercury retrograde.

As so many things are a big no-no during this time period, it’s actually one of the best times to just surrender to the energy and flow with it by relaxing, instead of fighting it.

Really, all annoyances aside – Mercury retrograde is something we should be grateful for because it forces us to slow down and stop. Unfortunately, that can often be through delays and mishaps. But the point being made is still the same – we can’t keep charging through life without taking any time to slow down.

It’s these moments of downtime that bring us clarity. They allow us to reflect on how far we’ve come, regroup and plan for the future, which actually helps us to keep going.

It also teaches us to have patience and trust in divine timing – often things don’t work out the way we want them to during Mercury retrograde because it’s simply not our time yet. Mercury retrograde gives us a choice between going with the flow and forcing outcomes, and when we choose the former – amazing things happen.

5) Mercury retrograde is an ideal time for self-reflection

Clear the diary, get your journal out and get ready to go all the way in.

Mercury retrograde is an amazing time to review and reflect on any situations in your life that have been troubling you.

What could I have done differently? What have I learned from this situation? How can I turn this experience into a positive?

Mercury retrograde likes these questions.

With all this time to reflect, you might start to see things from a new perspective that you’d never thought of before.

And when Mercury goes direct, that will be the perfect time to turn that new perspective into a solution and make things right again.

6) It’s the best time to have a major clearout

I spent hours rearranging my wardrobe a few months back and hated the end result, but was too exhausted to go back and change it all up again so I left it and I’ve just been living with it ever since.

I got the urge to have a huge clearout last Friday on the evening of the Full Moon Lunar eclipse, and it went so well.

Now it’s so organized and looks better than ever and I actually can’t believe I didn’t think to arrange it this way in the first place.

Clearly, Mercury retrograde was on my side – because it’s the perfect time to get rid of the old and make way for the new that will flow in when Mercury goes direct again.

A good declutter will release old stagnant energy and get things moving again. It will also do wonders for your mental state – as we all know Mercury retrograde brings brain-fuzz and confusion and having a clear space to come home to can really help with that.

7) Mercury retrograde teaches us important life lessons

When Mercury is in retrograde, it’s crucial that we ask the important questions, read all the small print, double-check everything, really listen to people when they speak to make sure we understand exactly what they mean, and speak very clearly ourselves to ensure that we aren’t the ones being misunderstood.

But shouldn’t we be doing this anyway?

We’re so occupied these days, guys.

We’ve got things we need to get done and time is precious to us all. But we shouldn’t let that stop us from taking a few extra moments to be careful – Mercury retrograde or not.

Do not dread Mercury Retrograde – it’s a good thing!

We all tend to associate Mercury retrograde with the bad stuff – delays, break-ups, failed projects and relationships, things breaking, cancellations…I could go on and on. It’s no wonder most people find it highly annoying and dread it every time they see it coming up on the calendar.

But I – and I pray these aren’t famous last words – haven’t had a bad Mercury retrograde in years because I try not to think about it like that anymore.

I’m not surprised if my phone breaks or my laptop decides to wipe itself, or get a virus for no reason.

I’m not shocked if an ex pops up.

I laugh if I turn up for an appointment that was scheduled for the next day (actually happened.).

You can be prepared for things like this to happen but you can’t dread Mercury retrograde coming around because, by law of attraction, you will attract more experiences to dread during these times.

As long as you know how to work with the energy and know what not to do (<< that’s a link to a cheat sheet you can download with all the dos and don’ts of Mercury retrograde – plus upcoming dates) – there’s honestly nothing to fear with Mercury retrograde and it can be an incredible time.

I hope this helps you through the next Mercury retrograde!

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