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Amazing things you can do with astrology | Part 3: Perfect Timing

3 reasons why astrology is amazing:

Reason 1: you can use it to understand all the ins and outs of your personality – I told you all about that in part one.

Reason 2: you can use it to improve communication and relationships with everyone around you – we had a little chat about that in part 2.

Reason 3: You can use it to time events in your life perfectly so you get the best results possible in everything you do.

Yeah, you can do that. *cool shades emoji*

From getting married or starting a business to booking a holiday or a haircut, – you can time all of your life decisions perfectly – no matter how big or small, to see the best chances of success.

But the most amazing results come when you team this with the law of attraction. Astrology can work with your manifesting rituals to triple that positive energy and bring you the things you want even faster.

Ready to find out how? Let’s begin.

Astrology and manifesting

As we’ve previously discussed, the planets are all responsible for different areas of our lives, and their interactions with each other as they move around our individual horoscopes affect the events that happen to us here on earth.

And one of them affects A LOT. In fact, it’s the first place we should look when we want to plan something.

Tracking the moon for success

The moon rules our feelings and emotions – the driving force for everything we do in life. It changes signs every 2-3 days, much like our moods fluctuate and change very regularly. That’s why when it comes to making important decisions, the moon is a huge influencing factor.

As the moon travels through the zodiac, it goes through different phases which affect the energy we feel.

All phases of the moon are important – but the major phases to be aware of each month are the new moon phase and the full moon phase. Make the most of these times.

A good astrology monthly horoscope like AstroStyle or Astrology Zone will tell you when and in what sign both the new and full moons of the month are occurring, and how best to use that energy.

It will also be personalised to you because the whatever sign the moons fall in will be a particular house in your chart.

New Moons: initiate and manifest

A new moon brings super strong energy because it’s the one time of the month where both the sun and the moon are in the same sign. If you’re lucky enough to have this in your sign, which you will be once a year (or sometimes twice as lucky Leos were in 2017) whatever you do and whatever intentions you set in the first few days of that new moon can set you up for a whole year.

You should always use that energy wisely as the seeds you plant in those first few days will grow over the year. It’s an amazing time to create a vision board and map out your wishes for the coming 12 months.

Take the steps to put your big plans into action and set strong intentions. This is the perfect time to work on manifesting anything you desire.

You should also consider the qualities of the sign that the new moon is happening in – even if it’s not your own.

Paying attention to what sign the Moon is in every 2.5 days can teach you a lot about your resonance with that sign and how best to utilize what that sign represents for you.  For example, I find that when the Moon is in Air signs, particularly Gemini, I can fritter away a lot of time just talking or I can get a lot of mental work done if I apply myself.” – Genevieve Vierling

As an example, a new moon in Virgo favours putting energy into our daily routines, health, work and identifying the areas of life where we can inject more efficiency. We could also direct our focus to helping others, as Virgo is the sign of service, or we could make a point of not being so critical of ourselves.

There may be some signs you don’t particularly feel comfortable with.  As the Moon moves through those signs pay attention and learn new strategies if you are trying to meet the challenges of people you find difficult in those signs, etc.  It’s a good exercise that teaches you a lot.  With some signs you’ll just feel good, and then you’ll know to track that every month and make the most of those days.” – Genevieve Vierling

This strong new moon energy lasts for around 10 days, but it is always at its strongest in those early days. As the moon moves towards its next phase, the energy weakens, so anything you want to initiate is best done straight away.

Also – whatever house the new moon falls into shows you where best you can use the energy. As a very basic example, if it falls in your 7th house (of love and relationships) it’s a good time to start things up with someone you’ve been interested in (this is a generalisation, without taking into consideration the other planet positions in your chart).

Full Moons – Reflect and Connect

A full moon is the other big phase to look out for. Emotions are normally higher during those times, and it’s said to be a good time to get closure, conclude and wrap things up.

They can be intense, but also very positive depending on how the moon is angled to other planets. It can be an amazing time for parties, deepening bonds and connections with others, performing rituals, creative endeavors and connecting with your spiritual side.

It’s always in the opposite sign that the new moon was in, so again, you’ll have one in your sign once or twice a year.

Everything comes out into the open in the light of the full moon—including the parts of human nature known as the “shadow.” – Astrostyle

You can track the moon and its phases straight from your phone by the way. Check out my Astrology resources post for my favourite moon-tracking apps.


Another thing to watch out for are eclipses. They have the energy of new and full moons times 10, and happen about four times a year, give or take one or two in some years.

In astrology, eclipses are said to be very powerful because they cause the events in life that force us to start new chapters, by bringing endings and revealing hidden information.

How crazy does that sound though?! I highly recommend you read this article by Susan Miller on eclipses. They’re extremely interesting and we should all know about them because they affect us greatly, and she explains it better than I ever could.


If you don’t know about retrogrades, you need to know. When a planet goes retrograde, it’s energy is weakened – almost like it’s sleeping. Which means the actions it would normally support and bring energy to are not recommended.

“What’s really happening? Well, the Earth is completing its orbit around the Sun faster than other planets outside its orbit. Periodically, it will outpace them—and that’s when retrograde mayhem breaks loose.” – Astrostyle

All planets go retrograde at some point during the year. This affects us greatly, especially when it’s Mars, Venus or Mercury (called the ‘personal’ planets in astrology.

Mercury in retrograde is the most commonly known, and it is such a THING that I’ve written a whole guide on how to survive it here. Venus is another big one, as when it goes retrograde it can hugely affect our romantic relationships – more on that here.

The most noticeable retrogrades in a nutshell:

Mercury affects communication, technology and travel. Finish up old forgotten projects, meet up with old friends, don’t be surprised if an ex contacts you, never book holidays or get makeovers!

Venus affects relationships, money and self-image. Again, don’t be surprised if an ex pops up! Reminisce with your guy or girl and be prepared for bickers in relationships. Singles- go deep inside and see if there are any love-related issues you can heal. No makeovers and resist the urge to clothes shop!

Mars affects energy, ambition, anger. Slow down and be extra careful as we can all be more accident-prone at these times. Relax. Don’t initiate new ventures – when starting something new, Mars is a planet you seriously want in your corner. But when it’s retrograde, we don’t get that powerful energy that it would normally bring to our ventures and initiatives are low.

The thing is with most retrogrades is that they can cause a lot of drama, irritation and just plain old annoying moments. But they can also be very positive times too, especially when you track them through your horoscopes and know how to use the energy.

They’re always a good time to complete old projects, connect with people from your past and reminisce.

Keeping track of retrogrades helps you to prepare, and make sense of things when they’re getting a little bit crazy. Knowing it’s Venus retrograde could save you an argument when your boyfriend is acting up. Knowing it’s Mercury retrograde could save you the stress of launching a business that fails.

Do you see where I’m going with this?? Always take note of retrogrades. Again, a good monthly horoscope will keep you in the know.

Look out for your Jupiter year

Jupiter is considered the planet of luck. It travels around the zodiac and spends roughly a year in each sign.

When it’s in your sign, it’s said to bring a lot of new opportunities and a huge amount of good fortune. I can vouch for this.

My Jupiter year was back in 2015 and it was one of the best years of my life. Things that I had wanted to manifest for years happened that year. It was the year I got my dream writing job, my income increased dramatically, I found an amazing flat after being desperate to move out of my old one and so much more.

It’s sometimes known as an Emerald Year when Jupiter enters your sign. It’s like being the teacher’s pet of the zodiac – you just get all the luck. People get married or engaged, meet the ‘one’ and have babies in their Jupiter years.

Jupiter travelled through Libra, the sign of love and marriage, in 2017 and it’s crazy how many engagements and weddings there were that year – did you notice? It was more than normal for sure – isn’t that funny?

As it’s a year per sign, you only get a Jupiter year once every 12 years. BUT you actually get to experience some of this extra Jupiter love when it’s in your rising sign too.

(There – yet another reason to get your time of birth and find out your rising sign!)

This enhanced luck makes the entire a year an amazing time to go after your goals no matter how big they are – you’re very much likely to get anything you want.

And even if Jupiter isn’t in your sign – it will be in a house in your chart. That means you can look to your natal chart and identify the area of life where you’ll be most lucky each year, and invest some energy into those parts of your life.

I’m gonna end this here on this very positive note. I hope this whole series has helped you to understand astrology better, and I’m very much looking forward to hearing some stories of you applying these methods to your own life and seeing amazing results!

I’m going to link you to some of my best astrology resources in the next post so you can get started. See you soon! xx

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