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5 ways that spirituality empowers your life

Let’s talk about spirituality.

No woo-woo stuff today, let’s just talk about the spiritual mindset itself and how seriously life-changing and empowering it can be.

Whether you already consider yourself a spiritual person or your spirituality is something you’re wanting to develop, I hope this post will inspire you to keep going. It will be the BEST thing you ever do – trust me.

Without a doubt, my spiritual journey has been the most enriching experience and it never ends – after all these years I’m still just getting started!

Everything about life became more enjoyable, and less stressful when I discovered my spirituality. And as my spiritual journey continues, I’ve noticed a side-effect of my lifestyle that I never realised before – I feel so empowered.

What is spirituality?

TBH, it’s easier to tell you what it isn’t.

Being a spiritual person isn’t a trend or something that gives you bragging rights on social media. (Not everyone who tags #namaste is spiritual, LOL)

Being a spiritual person doesn’t make you a better person than anyone else. All humans have their struggles and their shortcomings – spiritual or otherwise.

And spiritual people are not people that can be boxed in or defined by a set of characteristics.

Some spiritual people are wealthy, some spiritual people are poor. There are spiritual people who don’t believe in materialism at all, and there are spiritual people who love money and everything it can buy.

There are spiritual people who worship no particular God, and spiritual people who don’t believe in religion at all.

Then there are spiritual people who are very religious – all their spiritual practices revolve around religion and focus on God.

There are spiritual people who believe in a higher power or the universe, rather than a ‘God’ in religious terms, and there are spiritual people who believe in both.

There are many different types of spiritual people, and people express their spirituality in their own, unique ways. That’s the beauty of it.

But there is one thing that all spiritual people have in common – and that is a deep inner knowing and understanding that there is a lot more to life than us and this world we live in.

It’s the knowing and believing that things are happening all around us, even if our eyes can’t see them.

Spirituality is about putting a focus on what we can feel, rather than what we can see.

It’s about discovering a relationship with the universe and developing and nurturing that relationship.

And although it’s not about seeing yourself as better than anyone else, I do believe that when you develop your spirituality, you unlock a certain power that not everyone has.

5 ways spirituality empowers your life

1 – You build on the most important relationship in your life

The most important relationship you will ever have in life is the one with yourself. When you know yourself, respect yourself and love yourself, you can vibrate on a level of true happiness and attract others that are on that same vibrational level into your life.

Spirituality is a huge part of nurturing and developing a happy relationship with yourself. A lot of spiritual practices, such as meditation and prayer, involve alone time. Spending time with your thoughts and being comfortable in your own company is a crucial part of developing your spirituality.

How can you get to know who you really are without spending time with yourself? Your true self – where there are no outside influences.

Taking the time out to journal during this alone time can help you to discover more about your true self and why you think the way you do.

Using the law of attraction to manifest the things you want into your reality involves training your mind to think in a different way, which means really delving in deep with yourself, discovering blocks and limiting beliefs and getting to the root of those things.

Spirituality also helps you to understand yourself better. Knowing when you need to connect with others, and also when you need to alone time to recharge, can stop you from feeling drained. We all have our limits.

2 – You live a guided life

How good does it feel to make the toughest decisions in life with full confidence because you know the universe is guiding you, protecting you and has your back every step of the way?

This is probably one of my favourite parts of my spiritual journey, being someone that can be painfully indecisive about everything.

Since becoming more spiritual, I’ve had this problem a lot less. I just feel so connected now, knowing that everything happens for a reason and trusting that I am being guided to make the decision that is best for my purpose.

There is less fear attached to my decision-making and more excitement in its place.

Learning to follow my intuition and trust my gut feelings has been so amazing for me. It’s crazy – we’re built with an inner GPS system that never steers us wrong – but it’s so hard to trust it because it’s hard to believe that we actually have something so incredible inside of us.

Like I was saying earlier, spirituality is about learning to focus on the feelings, and believing, even if the eyes aren’t seeing.

Your gut feelings are always guiding you to make the best possible decisions. We just need to learn to listen and trust them.


3- You become the master of your own experiences

Living a spiritual life helped me to build self-awareness, which has really been key for me on this journey. Being conscious of how my words and actions affect other people has really helped me as I strive to become the best version of myself I can be.

But learning how my words and actions affect my own life has been even more powerful for me.

Being aware of the thoughts we’ve been thinking and how they are shaping the experiences in our lives, and taking control over those thoughts, is one of the most empowering things we can do.

Awakening to the fact that life is all about perspective is one of the best parts. Realising that you have the power to control your life and the experiences you have, simply by understanding that you are in control over how you choose to see something, gives you a whole new lease of life.

You no longer take things personally, because you realise that people’s negative criticisms and treatment of you stem from deep-rooted issues they have with themselves.

You deliberately look for the bright side in every bad situation.

You learn to release and let go and accept that sometimes, if a door won’t open, we’re just not meant to know what was behind it. You no longer stress and obsess because you know everything happens for a reason.

As a result of this, you experience much less stress, heartache and anger. Your vibration is higher and you attract better things. Winning or what?!

4- You always have something to believe in

And sometimes, when we’re in a really dark place, something to believe in is all we need. My spirituality never lets me down. When I’m going through something and feeling really bad, my spiritual mindset always saves me.

Whether that be through meditating, clearing the energy in a room, saying a simple prayer or setting some new intentions, a spiritual practice can always raise my vibration and make me feel so much better.

Just having the knowledge that there is a higher power, watching me and guiding me through life is so comforting. Knowing that everything is happening for a reason keeps me grounded and stops me from overthinking and obsessing.

I know a lot of people that turn to spirituality and religion because it makes them feel better than turning to drugs or alcohol and going off the rails. I am one of those people.

My spirituality is my high and there is no comedown.

As I always say, all the answers we want to know are already inside us. Spirituality just helps to bring them out.

crystals and candles little life changer

5- You are constantly inspired

My spiritual journey started when I discovered the law of attraction and started practising it. I would write lists of little things I wanted to manifest to test it out, and be totally amazed when I got those things. I would lose myself in book after book, learning more about the universe and how to manifest. My interest in this whole new spiritual world kept growing and leading me to things I didn’t even realise existed.

I became aware of all the natural sources of inspiration and guidance around us. Things like crystals, essential oils – we are blessed with so many beautiful, natural things that can raise our vibration simply by just keeping them in our space!

I discovered websites, books, people, rituals – my research and experiences just kept snowballing until I was fully immersed in my spiritual practice and it felt amazing. See, once you start your spiritual journey, it’s like following a trail. You hardly have to lift a finger! The universe will lead you to more and more information on how to grow and develop your practice.

Whether it’s from seeing an advert on TV, meeting a like-minded person, stumbling across a blog or website, receiving something in the mail – the universe is always communicating with you – sending you signs and signals to guide you. And as you learn to recognise these signs and grow and develop your spirituality, life only gets better.

Spirituality can seem scary to some people because let’s face it – it’s opening the door to a whole new world where nothing is certain and anything is possible. It’s hard to accept that things are happening, even if we can’t see them in front of our eyes.

It can feel like we have no control – but the best thing about spirituality is that it opens our eyes to how much control you actually do have over your life.

This realisation of how much power my spirituality has given me recently lead me to start an Instagram page called Spiritually Empowered, where I post tips and inspirational quotes to help people develop and love their spirituality. It’s becoming something of a community with people sharing their own experiences and thoughts in the comments. Come join us – follow here!

What do you love about being spiritual?

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