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Have you ever felt like you're just wasting your time with the law of attraction? I know I have and that feeling SUCKS. So here are 5 mindset blocks that may be stopping you from manifesting your desires, and how to overcome them!

5 reasons why the law of attraction isn’t working for you

Have you ever felt like you’re wasting your time with the law of attraction?

You’re doing everything you can to get the results you want but nothing seems to be happening.

I know I have, and I know just how sucky that feeling is.

Which is why for today’s post, we’re talking MINDSET.

More specifically, we’re talking 5 mindset blocks that stop you from achieving results with the law of attraction, so you never have to feel that sucky feeling again. Yay!

Not to be mistaken with my guide on what to do when the law of attraction isn’t working for you, I’m going to talk you through 5 reasons why it might seem like you’re not able to manifest the things you want, and of course, how to defeat that feeling and start living the life you deserve.

Let’s jump right in with block #1…

Being too focused on the ‘getting’ part of the law of attraction

So the law of attraction is all about getting the things you want. True in some ways.

But there’s actually way more to it than that. If you’re too consumed with the final result, the getting part, then you’re constantly in a state of wanting.

And when you’re constantly wanting something, you’re focusing on what you don’t have – which then, by law, keeps you in the same place of not having.

And then there’s the other end of the spectrum where you do end up getting what you want, and finally have the solid proof you’ve been looking for that this stuff really does work. So you keep trying to manifest more and more, and manifesting becomes your only focus.

You’re always looking for the next thing to manifest.

You begin to believe that you’ll only be happy when you get the next thing, and then the next thing, and the thing after that.

It never ends!

Most people are first introduced to the law of attraction by a book called The Secret and immediately start off by trying to manifest a mansion and a million pounds because the author said it’s possible.

Come on, own up – I know you’ve tried! 😀

No disrespect to her – she also wrote The Magic which is one of my favourite books of all time. No disrespect to anyone who would like to manifest a millionaire lifestyle either – I mean, I even wrote my own guide to manifesting money here.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting the material things in life but I personally would encourage people to shift their focus to working on being happy within themselves first.

When you’re truly happy with who and where you are, there’s no resistance which makes manifesting a lot easier.

If you don’t believe you can be happy until you get the fancy car or the huge house, then you’re telling the universe that you are not happy now and you’ll attract more to be unhappy about while slowing down the thing you really want.

Forget about the getting part

And remember gratitude.

It’s a huge part of the law of attraction, and using it can speed up your manifesting x10.

Because practicing gratitude is the fastest way to raise your vibration.

Try it now – take a second to think about all the people you love in your life, all the things you have, all the places in the world you’ve seen, all the delicious food you’ve eaten…HOW good do you feel after focusing on the things you have?!

Whenever you feel stressed about the law of attraction – like things aren’t going your way, no matter how positive you’re trying to be, the best thing to do is just stop, breathe and count your blessings.

And for everything you do manifest, really acknowledge and appreciate that thing, rather than jumping straight on to the next thing.

Always come from a place of gratitude and appreciation.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” – Oprah Winfrey

OK. Block #2…

Not letting go

If you’re feeling frustrated about your lack of results – that’s a natural human reaction but it’s also a sign that you haven’t taken a crucial step in the manifestation process, and that step is letting go.

It might sound crazy and counterproductive but it’s so important to let go once you’ve asked the universe for what you want.

Because letting go shows trust – you KNOW that what you’ve asked for is on its way, so you don’t need to worry or stress about it arriving.

If you do start stressing – that creates resistance that slows whatever you’ve asked for right down. Because when you’re stressing – you’re declaring:

  • I DON’T have that thing I want
  • I DON’T trust that it’s on the way because I DON’T think I have the power to manifest it
  • I WON’T ever have that thing I want

And so it is.

You know – sometimes the solution to hitting a manifesting brick wall can be as simple as taking a break from it all to release the feelings of frustration and get back on track.

Read my post on Making manifesting easier for tips on how to release and let go when you’re feeling drained or uninspired on your manifesting journey.

Block #3…

Thinking that the law of attraction = rainbows and sunshine all the time

If you throw in the towel and declare that ‘this LOA stuff is a load of rubbish’ every time something bad happens, that’s a serious block that could be damaging your law of attraction results.

Unfortunately, bad things do happen in life – and sometimes this just can’t be avoided. Life is always throwing challenges and curveballs our way – keeps things interesting I guess?!

But sometimes those bad things in life force us to think about the good.

When the things we don’t want creep up on us, we’re pressed to get clear on what we do want. I always say that the negative experiences help us to strive towards the positive.

And at the very least, when we make it through the bad stuff…we grow and learn.

So don’t attach bad things happening and the law of attraction to each other – because bad things happen and that’s just life.

It doesn’t mean the law of attraction isn’t working – it’s always working whether you realise it or not.

On to Block #4…

Blaming yourself for thinking negative thoughts

Y’know – when you tried really hard to manifest something and put all the work in. And then the universe is like, NOPE. And you blame yourself for that one teeny-tiny moment of doubt you had or those few seconds where you weren’t feeling so sure.

Yes – it’s true that thoughts become things.

But the thoughts that become things are the ones we think repeatedly with emotions and feelings attached to them.

You don’t really need to worry about the odd negative passing thought – otherwise, every little thing that ever crossed your mind would materialise in front of your eyes.

(That could either be an extremely good thing or a terrifyingly bad thing couldn’t it…)

Also – trying to think positively all the time can be very draining.

Positivity is never something that should be forced – if you have to force it, it isn’t real. And fake positivity will get you nowhere.

I wrote a full post on this here.

Like I always say – never deny yourself to feel or think anything you need to. Never suppress anything.

Be honest and real with yourself at all times – you’re allowed to feel bad and think a few negative thoughts if something crappy has happened to you and I promise you won’t die.

The key is not to dwell on the negativity or let the negative thoughts become beliefs you hold over your life. Go through the motions, feel what you have to feel and let it go.

And if there is something coming up repeatedly, then you know what you need to work on.

Focus on loving yourself, being kind to yourself and treating yourself with the care and respect you deserve.

Don’t jump to blame yourself for every little thing – especially not a few negative thoughts.

And finally – Block #5!

Feeling defeated and giving up

One of my best friends has been looking for a home for a while now, and it’s been quite a stressful experience for her. The other day she found the PERFECT place, pretty much what she’d been asking the universe for, down to the colour of the walls.

She went for a viewing, and we were both so excited. It seemed like it was meant to be.

Except it wasn’t and someone blocked her from buying the house.

Of course, she was upset, but I told her that it was a sign that something better was coming. She was no doubt on her way to finding the perfect home.

Also – she’d been saying just a couple of days before that she didn’t even think it was possible to find the kind of home she wanted within her budget.

Now she knew it was, and could allow herself to aim higher without feeling like she was kidding herself.

Sometimes, the universe will show us versions of what we’ve been asking for, or sometimes the exact thing – when we first ask for something. Like if you’re trying to manifest a relationship, you might suddenly start seeing couples everywhere soon after you’ve asked.

It’s a sign that you’re on the same vibration of what you’ve been asking for.

So she kept her faith and of course a few days later, an even more perfect place in a better area popped up out of nowhere. And this place reminded her that the first place wasn’t actually exactly what she’d asked for, as it was a flat and she’d asked for a house, which is what she’s currently found.

We only went to go and see it today so I can’t tell you if she got it or not just yet. But if it’s meant for her, she will. And if she doesn’t, she’s even closer to finding the perfect place for her.

Faith and trust is everything and although things might get annoying sometimes, the worst thing you can do is give up and stop believing.

Everything will happen when it’s supposed to.

There are so many jobs I wanted, people I wanted to be with, opportunities I thought I needed a few years ago that all fell through and each time they did I would be like WHYYYY?!?!


But when I look at my life now – the people in it, the things I have…it all makes perfect sense.

So be patient, trust and keep your faith…always.

I hope this article helps you to manifest everything you’ve ever dreamed of! For more positivity and inspirational messages, come on over to the SpirituallyEmpowered Instagram page.

I’ll speak to you again soon!

Sending SO MUCH love to you xx

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